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Thursday, February 28, 2008

life is good.

it just is!

i think the gorgeous weather we're having lately is a big part of my cheery demeanor. sorry to those on the east coast, in the midwest, or anyone else who's experiencing shitty climates these days, but southern california is just so beautiful right now! it's been hovering around 80 degrees, clear skies, warm sun. i'm generally not a fan of particularly warm days, but after lots of cold and rain, even i'm happy for change. plus, i can dress the bean in short sleeves and i busted out a tank top this morning! whee! i hope it holds out for the weekend.

i scooped up a new client who's doing some really fun and pretty invitations. they're going for a spanish flair, using red and black as their primary colors, with splashes of yellow here and there. she mailed me a spool of 3-inch-wide black lace that we're incorporating in the design, and it's going to be oh so purty!

in a little while, i'm heading out to the bank to open coogan accounts for the kid and the bean. basically, any child in the entertainment industry has 15% of every check automatically deposited into this blocked trust account, and the money is untouchable until they're 18. just in time for cars and college! although our goal with this thing isn't necessarily to make boatloads of cash, but to have some fun and maybe have a tiny part of the glitz and glamour that is hollywood. yeah, i'm a starstruck mofo. so is the kid. and i think the bean would think it was kind of cool to look back at pictures and things of stuff she was in - that's if we actually get anything booked. with the writer's strike over, we could very well have a call here and there, so i just want to be prepared. their work permits are being processed, too, so as soon as we have those two things in place, we're ready to go!

mcdonald's has yummy iced coffee. haha - you KNEW i had to throw some kind of food up in here. anyway, the kid and i stumbled upon it while getting breakfast last weekend, and it's pretty delish. it's almost good enough to make me stop driving out to burger king for my beloved mocha joes. almost. [taking a sip of mocha joe picked up after dropping the kid off at school]

and today is the first day all week that i don't have anything to do that'll take me too far away from home! whee! i want to get some laundry done, relax, maybe play on the knot/nest a bit. and i'm going to make some ribs for dinner. i'm going to season them, put them under the broiler for about 15 minutes, and toss 'em in the crock pot with a shitload of bbq sauce. add some corn, salad, and au gratin potatoes, and we'll have quite a lovely dinner!

my honey ryan seacrest is doing a "kiis my baby" contest. a cash prize is at stake here, so of course, i submitted a photo of the bean. can't hurt to try, right? anyway, voting opens up on march 18th, so i'll post a link and if y'all feel so inclined... ;) i hate begging for votes, so i'll leave it at that. plus, the bean will be unmasked fo' real. ha!

and here's a couple of fun pictures i took yesterday. ah, i love my girls so much.


  1. i'm digging the denim and the red combo on the couch. cute!

    i'm still a starbucks queen, so no mickey ds or bk coffee for me :P

  2. She is a cutie pie.

    Another surprising moment -- I happened to be listening to KIIS (I know, what has the world come to?) and thought of you when I heard about that baby contest.

  3. I totally don't get fast food coffee......

  4. Oh! I was just about to email you about the kiis contest too. Please do post the link.

  5. Super cute kids. But you knew that. ;)


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