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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

current obsessions

chocolate covered oreos. stick 'em in the fridge and they're little bits of happiness. high-calorie happiness, but happiness nonetheless.

burritos from chipotle. for a girl who used to abhor mexican food (and i know this is totally gringo mexican eats), i sure do love me some chipotle. i can't seem to get enough of it. add their lime salted chips and some salsa and i am one happy camper.

finding a stinking bath seat for the bean. my friend a told me that there's a gang of these on ebay, and she's right - but three things stop me: my need for instant gratification, not wanting to pay $10+ for shipping, and being slightly grossed out at the idea of the bean's tushie plopped onto a secondhand bath item. meh. and during my google search, i came across this thing:

i'm horrified and amused at the same time - it looks like she stuck her baby in a bucket. even worse, it's called a "washPOD." i've seen some really lame-o baby items, but this one takes the cake.

mmmm, cake. huh?

winning fox11's current giveaway - a trip for 4 on a disney cruise to mexico. i guess they're repositioning one of their ships again (their usual destination is the bahamas) and they're doing a 7-day with stops in puerto vallarta, cabo san lucas, and mazatlan. the hub hates cruises with a passion, but he said "a free cruise? that'd be cool. i want to go to cabo, anyway." heh. he's all talk - but i can just see it. normally, the hub + cruise = major asshole already, but add disney to the mix and the kid'll have to hold me back from strangling the love of my life.

edit:  no, i didn't actually win this - yet ;)  i meant it as, winning it is one of the things i'm currently obsessed with!

speaking of fox11, can someone please tell jillian reynolds that she can't sing? seriously, i want to reach through the screen and kick her every time she tries to sing along to whatever song they happen to be playing. she bugs the hell out of me anyway (and yet i still tune in every day), and her singing voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me. not to mention, at least know the fucking lyrics before you open your piehole. ugh.

lastly, the kid and i found cream cheese brownies at albertson's last week. oh mah gah, so effing yummy. the brownie is the most perfectest chewy texture, and then it's topped with a lovely cream cheese-based frosting and chocolate shavings. i had to force myself to hold it at one per day. mmmmm.

heh. most of my current obsessions are centered around food. what a surprise.


  1. At least none of your obsessions contain crack or something more horrific like Cronie Lovin'. ;) Food and winning sweet prizes are all good. :)

  2. you nerd...there are new ones on ebay!! Please don't put the girl in a bucket for a bath...good lord! Did you actually win?

  3. i can't believe you used to hate mexican food, especially considering where you grew up. this makes me sad.

    mmm...lime, chips, and salsa...

    eh to the cruise. that is all. ;)

  4. that bath pod is scary. :/

    i don't love the meat or rice at chipotle so i get a veggie burrito (sans rice), but the lime chips are outta this world. so damn tasty. i'm still a baja fresh girl.

    i'm currently obsessing about a food item, but you'll have to wait til my next blog post to see what it is ;)

  5. um, i just re-read my entry and it was missing a lot of words. i'll blame it on lack of sleep this weekend ;)

  6. Mmmm...chocolate-covered oreos...

    And, the baby pod is definitely bizarre!

  7. Baby Pod = Baby Drowning Device. AAAAH!

  8. Chipotle is beyond just gringo. Chipotle was once owned by fcking McDonald's!

  9. Hmm, how can that bucket not be a safety hazard to babies?

    Anyway, I don't like Mexican food :X I don't know why. I just don't.

  10. I don't care what Weemo says - I love me some Chipoltle.

  11. that looks like a trash can for babies. dahahahahahaha


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