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Saturday, February 9, 2008

wicked-ly good

count me in as one of the millions of fans of this fabulous show. seriously, i couldn't get over how much i enjoyed "wicked." i really didn't know what to expect, aside from the whole "wizard of oz" prequel concept, and i was pleasantly surprised as to the actual content. i'm pretty conscious of the cheese factor, and this had little to none.

what really shocks me is that "wicked" has been playing at the pantages theater for over a year now, and i've never heard any spoilers about the storyline anywhere! in a society where shit is reported on the news almost before it happens, that is a nice change.

and in order to preserve that for those of you who haven't yet seen it, that's all i've got to say about that :)

ooh - and the hub bought us tees as souvenirs, too. of course, mine is the pink one. heh.

not so wickedly good, unfortunately, was our pre-theater dinner at off vine. i'd read a lot of good things about this place, and it was recommended by a few of my friends as well, but we were decidedly un-bowled over by it.

the kid was grossed out by her caesar salad (which, i had to admit, was kind of yucky. how on earth do you fuck up a simple caesar salad??), the hub was satisfied with his fried calamari (anything deep fried is good, right?), and i actually did enjoy my soup - a mushroom puree. and then she decided to deviate from what she would normally order (angel hair with tomato, basil, and olive oil) and went for the smoked mozzarella and chicken ravioli. i encouraged her to try something new for a change, and sadly it backfired - she absolutely hated it. the hub tasted a piece and the best he could do was a thinly disguised grimace and a "hmmm, interesting." he had the special seared ahi, which was served with a weird broccoli-potato side dish thingy (i like broccoli, and i like potato. but this was not tasty), a few steamed veggies, and gravy.

now, i've said it more than once: gravy makes anything better.

and last night, my theory was blown to bits.

okay, actually, he said it wasn't bad, but i couldn't wrap my head around ahi with GRAVY. maybe if it'd had some bacon...


i'd read lots of rave reviews about off vine's fabulous souffle dessert - they offered chocolate, grand marnier, and orange. so when the server offered it as we ordered our meal (souffle always takes forever, so you have to tell them ASAP if you want it), the kid and i immediately requested it - in chocolate. i really wanted to try the grand marnier, as i've only had that once (at arroyo chop house, another fabulous eatery), but the kid wrinkled her nose at the thought of an orange-flavored souffle. and i think i mentioned what i gave up for lent (fries and coke), but i didn't share the hub's sacrifices: sweets and caffeine.

there's no way i could do that - i would be the biggest, meanest, most horrifically raving bitch on earth, and i sure don't need any help in that department.

anyway, it seemed like forever before that souffle came out (i swear our server forgot to put the order in, it took that long) - and we were totally checking our watches because we knew we had to be in our seats on time or risk being late, which would be terrible. latecomers are often made to wait outside until it's "safe" to open the door and enter to find your seat, and i sure didn't want to be one of *those*. so as soon as it was finally served, the hub took off to get the car from the valet while the kid and i tried not to burn our mouths with that ramekin of chocolate fire. it was delicious, though, so it was worth it.



  1. Glad you enjoyed Wicked!! It's one of my faves. I love the last song they sing before intermission...gives me chills!

  2. ok, i really need to go see wicked, now.

  3. oh no!! I'm sad your dinner was a disappointment;(

    the grand marnier souffle is yummy...maybe next time you just go for dessert;)

  4. Yay for Wicked :) I'm sorry to hear that your dinner wasn't superb.

  5. Our plans for Tuesday night:
    1) Mr. Kate gets off work early so we can head up to LA.
    2) Dinner at Off-Vine
    3) Wicked.

    What actually happened:
    1) Stupid judge won't let Mr. Kate leave early. Stalls and stalls before making pronouncement.
    2)Get to LA too late to get dinner at Off-Vine. Eat Subway.
    3) Wicked.

    I've been so bummed about not getting to have dinner at Off-Vine. Now it seems like someone may have been looking out for me.

  6. Yay for Wicked! I'm glad you loved it! <3 And I'm glad you were able to stay spoiler-free! It's so good when it is a total surprise.

    Sorry your meal was crap, though. That's such a bummer.

  7. I can't wait to see Wicked-I just hope it's still here by the time we can still affors to see it!

    Wedding=bleeding money.

  8. Glad you enjoyed the show, too bad to hear about dinner.

  9. Believe me, a caesar salad can indeed be screwed up! It happened to me. :( I had it here at a restaurant in Tahoe and they tried to go all "gourmet" on it...eewww! It was NASTY.

    Glad you enjoyed the show though, and the tees you got are soooo cute!

  10. i'm so sad that dinner was such a bummer :( we've had brunch there several times and it was fab. and my CW has been for dinner and said the same thing. again, i'm sorry that it was such a disappointment.

    but, glad that you enjoyed the show so much! and i'm with you, absolutely shocked that the twist hasn't been revealed in the media somehow. i practically had the CD memorized before seeing the show and even i was floored as to how it all ends up. :)

  11. Bad food makes me sad. I'm glad that Wicked was good. I haven't seen it, but surprisingly Hubbs said he'd probably see it with me. I was shocked!

  12. I want to see Wicked so. bad. I need to investigate tickets and then maybe sell the idea to my hubby...maybe I'll catch him on an open-minded day :) I've also heard it's awesome! And you're right, I don't even know much about it.


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