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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

the bean gets a 'hawk.

the kid's wasted no time in getting to know her new phone. like her mother, she loves having a camera on hand at all times. and she really digs the qwerty keyboard she now has, rather than the old (and highly annoying) method of punching the numbers to type out text messages.

side note: she sure didn't let that stop her, though. homegirl had damn near 600 text messages on last month's phone bill, adding a nice $60 to my tab. grrrrrr.

anyway, we had some fun at target:

we got a few amused looks from other shoppers, but it ain't no thang. we're used to it. heh. and the kid thought it was really funny - "mom, isn't guinness a beer??" mm-hmm. i posed with my two daughters in a mirror that advertises alcohol. i'm klassy like that.

and yesterday, i gave the bean a bath. oh, and in response to a comment suggesting using the bumbo seat in there, since i can't find a stinking bath ring anywhere but ebay (i guess it was discontinued because idiot parents were putting their kids in it and walking away, resulting in a few drowning deaths - OY) - i have two words for you:


yeah, i tried it. and later, i saw a little warning sticker on the back of the damn thing that said "do not use as bath seat." yup. bad mommy!

then the kid came in and decided to have some fun with her sister's hair:

we sent these to the hub, and he called immediately:

"what the heck are you guys doing to my daughter??"

ha! i knew it would push mr. conservative's buttons. although he had to admit that it was cute, and he laughed his ass off.

i also got confirmation that the bean still needs to be swaddled at night. the hub had talked me into leaving her out of her burrito-like blanket last night, and so at 4:30 a.m., what happened?

she woke up, arms and legs flailing in the air, and started babbling away. now, even in my half-asleep state, i still managed to get all fuzzy over how cute she sounds. but still, it was 4:30. crap. the hub woke up, played with her a little, and then i swaddled and fed her, and she went back to sleep.

let's just say that i won't be doing THAT again anytime soon.

and now we're sitting here surfing the 'net while the cleaning ladies work their magic. MIL's coming later to take us out to lunch, too, so i've even showered and put some makeup on. whee! it's gonna be a great day.


  1. 600?!? i'm surprised she doesn't have callouses on her fingertips.

    and hey, if maddox can sport a mohawk, then i say the bean should be able to too! ha!

  2. the 'hawk is cute!

    i am getting way jealousE of your shed-jool.

  3. How are the kid's finger not bleeding? Wow. And Bean's 'hawk is hilarious. Have fun at lunch!

  4. Swaddle till the cows come home baby...it is the best invention in the world for our little flailers!! OH and call me when you are still swaddling at 11 months! :)

  5. I dig the mohawk. :) Do you ever put headbands or barettes on?

  6. Baby burrito! Baby mohawk! I love them both!

  7. Love that you're klassy like that...so funny! The hawk is real cute too! I've heard that swadling is 'da bomb!

  8. These pictures certainly brightened my day :) Can you subscribe to the text message service or something for your kid's phone? I think it's like 1000 messages for 5 or 10 bucks.


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