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Friday, January 8, 2010

bean as rose dawson: "i'll never let go."

as promised, here's the video clip of the bean meeting mickey live and in person for the very first time.

i might have, uh, finally cracked open the iMovie program on my 2.5-year-old mac computer and figured out the basics. heh.

this could mean a super fun video mash of the bean's "firsts" - yup yup!

well, maybe. we'll see how inspired and/or bored i get in the days ahead.

edit: i just uploaded another link after attempting to lower the volume. see if it worked.


  1. now I have the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song stuck in my head. lol thanks!

  2. she was like "i'm not ready to let go you bastard!!" haha. the bean is too cute for words!

  3. aww your daughter is so so sweet! I am in love with your blog. I read everyday!!

  4. seriously so cute. but um, i had to turn my speakers down.

  5. so sweet! yea, it was loud ;) but super cute!

  6. Oh my! That's so freaking awesome that she wasn't scared! When my nieces met Mickey, the older one (4 at the time) hugged him, took a photo with him and got an autograph. My younger niece (2 at the time) yelled in a very dramatic fashion: "No. Noo. NOOOOOOOOOO!"

    Go Bean!

  7. awww her little voice is too adorable. the bean is the best!


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