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Thursday, January 21, 2010

wan-derful wednesday

oh, so much great stuff happened all day long,
it deserves a rhyming post - is that wrong?

first, the bean, on a target shopping spree
look at her rain boots! with hello kitty!

then as the teen gave me a quick call
('twas minimum day, because of finals)
an e-mail popped up, quite unexpected.
to meet nick jonas next week, we've been selected!

even more happy news arrived via e-mail.
UPS delivered my sewing machine that i'd ordered - on sale!

i left the office behind and headed to the closest joann's.
to stock up on $.99 patterns and fabric was my plan.

already sore from my first workout with EA active for the wii,
the glutton for punishment that is me went straight to the TV.

i stepped onto the board and did a couple of tests.
my "wii fit age" wasn't quite as bad as i would've guessed.

for day 2 of my 30-day challenge, i did a lot of running.
sweating my freaking ass off, i was quite stunning.

i did knee raises and lunges and alternating bicep curls
so maybe i'll be able to keep up those annual bridal twirls.

half an hour later, my workout was complete.
and i was starving, so i looked for something to eat.

the hub was out with some friends for dinner.
so, for the teen, this vegetarian chili was a winner.

i'd been eyeing a recipe for "stadium brownies" by betty crocker
it's topped with popcorn and peanuts, kind of a shocker.

for my own evening meal, i threw together an old fave.
tater tots, cheese, meat and bacon is what i craved.

oh! i almost forgot to mention this little bit.
and it's quite a long shot. my chances are slim, i must admit.
there's an open casting for a new gordon ramsay show,
they're looking for amateur chefs, which is so me, don'tcha know?
applicants are required to bring one dish to be judged.
appetizer, entree, dessert - maybe i'll bring fudge (shut up, not much rhymes with "judge")!
tater tot casserole would be hilarious to bring as my submission,
but presentation and temperature are part of the conditions.

so i need some help from my dear readers - that's you!
i'm taking suggestions for what to bring to put me through.
something with bacon or perhaps dessert would be great,
as long as it looks good and doesn't need to be a hot plate.

if nothing else, it'll be a great story to tell
and quite a fun one. so i figure, hey, what the hell?


  1. Yay for patterns and the new machine!

  2. I'm fucking hungry just looking at the tater tot celebration.

  3. I am so glad the teen is a vegetarian! I get so many good meal ideas! I am moss with envy over the bean's hello kitty rain boots.

    PS- Rhyming is awesome.

  4. You must do more rhyming blog posts!

  5. So you are being a great mom, sewing, cooking AND rhyming?! You are so bomb. So are wellies - especially are baby cute girls!

  6. i love the rhyming. anything with bacon or pork belly does really well on Top Chef. i will be crossing my fingers for you!!!


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