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Friday, February 19, 2010

comedy of errors

so, my seam ripper and i are becoming quite intimate. we're like BFFs. soul mates. joined at the hip.

working on this dress for the teen is such a hilarious adventure for me. i'm setting aside my typical impatience and trying my damnedest to work slowly and carefully, reading the directions over and over, stitching each seam on the slowest setting to ensure straight lines. and every time i successfully finish another step in the pattern instructions, i sit back and admire my handiwork proudly.

but that seam ripper and me, we's tight. we've spent a good chunk o'quality time together in the last couple of days, and yesterday i think we hung out for longer than i was actually sitting at my machine. the piece i was struggling to understand the other day clicked into place as i picked it up for the first time that day, and i happily, excitedly got to work on stitching it and finishing the bodice of the dress.

and then when i got up to iron the wrinkles out and set the stitches, i realized i'd managed to fuck up in a big way - like the handles on that
tote i made over the weekend, i'd sewed the shoulders of the dress sideways. what. the. fuck.

i sat down to rip all of those painstakingly, carefully stitched seams apart, and decided that instead of getting pissed about it, i just needed to laugh it off. i'm still a beginner (obvs), and mistakes like this are bound to happen. this sure won't be the last time, and i started to reconsider that ergonomic, "deluxe" seam ripper i'd passed up at joann's. heh.

i finally got the stitches loose, pulled all the threads out, and then sat down at the machine for the re-do. this time, it was all good, and i brought it into the teen's room to have her try it on.

since i had a junior league meeting that evening, i had to put the fun stuff away and clear off my workspace, AKA the dining room table, and get going on dinner. since i always get fed at my meetings, i either make sure that the hub and the girls have dinner ready or have plans to go out before i take off.

the teen and her friend rock-ell, who were hanging out in their room, cracked up when they saw this on the fridge - it's one of the bean's learning toys, and we were all pretty amused when we saw the combo of letters she'd placed in the slots.

i swear, i didn't say it out loud as i was ripping those seams out. i swear!


  1. dude...before you know you're gonna be able to sew with one hand tied behind your back ;)

    btw...this post totally cracked my shit up!

  2. I can't believe you have a teenage daughter. You look soooo young! It was lovely to meet you at the photo tasting! You take amazing photos.

    I was browsing through some blogs and came upon this blog entry of Hello Kitty cupcakes. I think I remember you saying how much you loved Hello Kitty.. sorry if I'm wrong!


  3. There's a cooking saying - to make an omelet, you've got to break a lot of eggs. I'm thinking there must be a sewing equivalent.

  4. Oh yeah, my seam ripper is my bff, too. And can I just tell you, ripping seams out of sweater knit with a loopy back, where the threads just bury into the fabric and you can't tell one from the other - the biggest pain in the ass ever! Ugh!


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