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Thursday, February 4, 2010

hopeful, optimistic, excited

despite the rocky start to my week, the universe seems to be paying me back with some good stuff to cap it off.

hopeful: i have a really good shot at a new job that would be great - still close to home, commuting against traffic, in a field i'm very familiar and comfortable with, and even a little bump in pay. i'd be working for a former co-worker who spun off onto his own, has been running his business quite successfully for more than three years, and who i got along really well with. i wouldn't be nearly as bored, and it would be lovely to spend my work hours actually being productive for a change. i'm meeting with him tomorrow, and if it all works out...well, let's just say i could be drafting a resignation letter this weekend. all vibes and prayers welcome.

optimistic: my first sewing lesson was on tuesday. i found a girl via google right down the street from home who does private lessons at a really reasonable rate, and she's really sweet. our first session was super fun, and she went over a lot of basic information and taught me about the essential tools and things i'll need for my new hobby. i get to go again today and do some actual sewing, and after tuesday's session, i have a good idea of what i want to tackle as a first project. i really hope that i'm able to follow my friend amber's lead and pick it up quickly so that i can get started on some fun stuff for us to wear this spring.

excited: the teen seems to be getting her shit together and concentrating much harder on bringing her grades up. we've decided to give her small, easy-to-achieve goals that will help her earn her privileges back over time, and it seems to be helping. yesterday, she mentioned that she thought she'd brought herself up to a 3.0 and promised to check with her teachers today. this would be fantastic. i'm really stoked for her to be more responsible and motivated about her schoolwork, and she does seem to be working harder. that's my girl. i'm so proud of her.

oh, and the internet repair guy is scheduled to arrive today between 2 and 4. yay! it's sucked not having service at home (aside from on the iPhone) for the last few days, and then i'll be able to share my last two experiences with dine l.a.

see, lots o'good stuff, right? and it's not even the weekend yet!


  1. All great, promising things. I hope everything works out.

  2. sounds like your week is getting better. your description on the job opportunity is my exact dream job, I would soooo love to be in your shoes right now. I wish you the best of luck!

  3. Awesome and possible positive changes in your life are icing on the cake. Whatever happened to the Gordon Ramsey tryouts? Did you do it on Sunday? Or did I miss the post. ;-)

  4. Yippee for possible, positive changes.

  5. Such great stuff - congrats on all the super things going on!

  6. Wow! Good luck on everything! I hear ya on sewing..I'm self learning right now (classes are during work hours) and I'm hoping to be just as good as the bloggers out there! I'm blown away!

  7. Totally unrelated to this post, but I just ran across this online and thought of you: http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2010/02/hello_kitty_chainsaw.html

    A Reader :)

  8. glad things are going well! fingers crossed for the job!

  9. Crossing my fingers for you! Can't wait to see your sewing projects.

  10. Good for the teen and yay for sewing!


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