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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

i hate mondays.

yesterday was not a good day. i almost had to break out my AK.

on my way to a meeting with the teen's counselor to discuss her classes for the rest of her high school career, i found myself stopped about 1/4 of a mile away from the school with this behind me:

apparently, with my mind wandering to daydreams of the teen finding a sport that she loves and being so motivated by the new friends she made that she was pulling straight As, i'd failed to come to a full and complete stop. balls!

the meeting was fine - we went over the requirements for graduation as well as those for acceptance into both private and state-run colleges. a lot has changed since i was looking at all of these options - the application process is much simpler, but now weighs primarily on GPA. yikes.

later, as i attempted to pull up a recipe for chicken tortilla soup that i'd planned on making for dinner, i found that our internet was down. and nothing i did would fix it. i'm currently on hold with customer service - fifteen minutes and counting.

monday = FAIL.


  1. sorry you had a bad monday. i know this is nowhere close in comparison because you love to cook from scratch, but.... the chicken tortilla soup from fresh n easy is really good and ready to heat and serve. we have a gas leak and are having to cook using a microwave, toaster and crockpot until its fixed so this soup hit the spot last night. ok im rambling. i hope your tuesday is better.

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  3. I got a ticket this week too. Balls indeed, my friend.

  4. Fucking ticket. Sucks man.

    Was there ever a time when college admissions wasn't based largely on GPA?

  5. That really stinks. But hopefully the Teen is started down a renewed path. I hope so!

  6. She still has time to pull up her GPA in time for college applications. I'm sorry to hear about the ticket :( That totally sucks. I love that you took a picture of the scene though. That takes guts.


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