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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

a very pinteractive valentine's day

inspired by an idea i found via pinterest, i went into super cheesetastic mode this year for valentine's day.  well, sort of. 

i thought it would be super fun to mail silly little presents to the hub's office, just funny things that would bring a smile to his face and give him another reason to shake his head at his loony wife.  so i gathered up a bunch of stuff and created little cards out of them, packaging them up into envelopes and numbering them according to when they'd be mailed out.

here's a few of my favorites, and i totally cackled as i worked on them:

i know, i know.  you're groaning and rolling your eyes in a mixture of amusement and dismay at my corny ass.  it's okay.  i'm pretty sure the hub did too, with each package that arrived at his desk.

and the post office failed me big-time with at least one of these little surprises - as i tracked their progress, i was really annoyed to find that one of them managed to find its way to honolulu, of all places.  it took that particular mailing damn near two weeks before it finally arrived at its intended destination, only 20 minutes away from home.  oh, well.  at least something of ours has been able to enjoy hawaii, anyway.

i managed to keep this up for about three weeks before it petered out - i was spending a shitload of cash on postage and i think the hub got the idea, anyway.  not to mention...well, i didn't even have a grand finale planned at all.  like, i don't have anything but a nice card to give him today!  heh.  he'll have to settle for a nice dinner cooked by yours truly and enjoyed with the girls.

and lest you think i got away with a cookie-free valentine's day:

140 of them.  all requested rather last-minute, as in yesterday.  it made for quite a fun afternoon, but i'm glad i was able to help out.

oh, and sorry, nanette - i'm totally a day late with my contribution to your pinteractive link party.  oops.


  1. Cute Valentines!! I have done exactly zip for my hubby, so it's pretty much like every other year. ;) Just noticed you're running the DL Half Marathon. I loved that race!! Can't wait to do it again!

  2. So sweet!

    And you're not late. You can link up anytime ya want during the week, if you'd like. I'm just putting the link-up on my site each Monday. :)

  3. Those are super cute Valentines ideas.

  4. Oh my, I am SOO stealing the V-day idea for next year. I especially love the "I wheely love you" one. So cheeseball wonderful.

    The looks look great!

  5. that was supposed to say the cookies look great. Not sure what went wrong there :/


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