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Thursday, June 20, 2019

one last day in france

we had one more full day in paris, and because we were totally winging it and didn't have any real plans we headed out on foot again to see what kind of shenanigans we could get ourselves into.

as we strolled along i took this to show the sushi-obsessed bean.  it was fun to read the descriptions of sushi written in french, and i figured she'd appreciate it too.

i love how you walk through the streets in european cities and come across all sorts of random statues and pieces of art everywhere.

and we found lots of poke places too.  i don't know why this was so amusing to me, but it was.  i guess trends really do end up everywhere, even in sophisticated locales like paris.

we were looking for a fun cafe to stop for food, and we found one near the louvre.

instead of coffee, i ordered a coke.  as the server called it i went with the "big."

the same applied to my sandwich.  buttered baguette with ham and cheese...just the way i love it.  and i ate the whole thing.

as we walked off our lunch, we found ourselves crossing what used to be the love lock bridge.  we'd been here with the girls last time, and we'd heard that they had to remove all of the locks because the weight of them was causing it to sink.  people still managed to find a way to place locks where they could, though.

and then we headed off to find notre dame.

because of the recent fire damage, it's been fenced off with lots of police stationed around it to keep people from trying to enter.

this was about as good as it got.

if you keep walking and head across the street, the view gets a little better.

one of my facebook friends had told us to head across the street from the cathedral to find the alleys where the restaurants were, and there were lots of people over there checking it out.  she'd said to try one of the couscous places because the food was fabulous, but i was full from the giant sandwich i'd just inhaled.

it always amuses me to find mcdonald's in other countries.

the donuts and pastries here looked so good, and yet i was still so full.  dang it.

and this train would totally have been a fun way to ride around town.

so yeah...i snickered at mcdonald's, but i didn't pass up the 'bucks.  heh.

 here, too, the pastries looked delicious.  so much more inviting than the ones at home.

there are bicycles and scooters available for rent everywhere.  and of course, uber has a hand in some of it.

we were back on the champs elysees, and this time we decided to get in line to enter the louis vuitton store and at least walk through it.

around the corner we found another street where all of the high end designers had shops.  this one's my favorite, and it's where the hub had me pick out my parisian souvenir.  woohoo!

we caught an uber back to the hotel, and this was probably my favorite one - the driver was really friendly, and his car had this awesome sunroof that practically covered the entire roof that gave us a nice peek at the eiffel tower as we drove past.

plus, he was prepared with phone chargers, bottled waters and even books in the backseat for riders of all ages.

we noticed that the streets were crawling with police, and the hub said they looked straight out of the robocop movies.

he was pretty excited to visit a cigar shop that's been there since the 1700s.

later, we were back at the louvre.  it was really crowded, and the peoplewatching was fantastic.

for our last dinner in france, we opted for fondue.  we started with a delicious salad to share, plus a bottle of champagne.

and then we got to choose our chocolate - there was dark, milk, white, hazelnut, caramel...and it was a tough choice.  hazelnut was the winner, though.

 it was a wonderful way to close out our time in paris.

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