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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

switching up taco tuesday

the fun meals in our house continue.  me going through recipes saved throughout the pandemic is pretty much akin to a kid clutching a $5 in a candy store.  kinda funny, kinda ridiculous.
for taco tuesday one week, we decided to switch it up and do mediterranean food.  i wanted to make everything - so i did.  i started with toasting sesame seeds to make tahini (which is crazy easy, by the way) so i could serve up some homemade hummus (which is even easier).

next, i decided to tackle a recipe for pita bread that promised to be easy and foolproof.  i hadn't worked with yeast in a really long time so i was a little apprehensive, but i jumped right in and hoped for the best. activating it is the most intimidating part because the water has to be just the right temperature to work - too-hot water will kill it and you won't know till you leave your dough to rise and it does nothing.  eek.  i mixed it up and got the dough together and set it aside to (hopefully) rise.

after i marinated the meats - chicken and beef - i pulled out the ingredients for the baklava.  assembling it was quite the painstaking process - you have to butter each piece of phyllo dough as you lay it in the pan, layering them ten at a time with the spiced nut mixture in between.  i think this took me the longest to make.

and then...


by then the timer i'd set for the dough to rise had gone off - so it basically took me close to an hour to make that baklava.  i hoped it was worth the wait.  and the pita bread dough - well, i definitely hadn't killed the yeast:

i followed the rest of the directions, dividing the dough and patting it into a pita-like shape.  then i preheated my pan on the stove and made my very first pita:

the old lady and her special friend arrived at this point with the yogurt and cucumber i'd requested because at the last minute i decided we needed to have some tzatziki too.  i whipped it up real quick and then we were finally ready to eat.

i gotta say...homemade pita bread is pretty amazing.  warm, soft, chewy - everything you could want in a pita.  never mind that i kind of killed my pan in the process somehow - it looked like some of the dough stuck to it and burned and i could not get it off for the life of me.

it's okay though.  it was totally worth it.  and we're definitely going to redo mediterranean night soon.  repeatedly.


  1. To clean your pan, boil some water in it on the stove to loosen the stuck-on food. Scrap with a wooden spoon or spatula.


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