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Friday, January 15, 2021

see ya, 2020.

new year's eve 2020 was really quiet and low-key, especially compared to the fun party we had with our friends last year.  what a difference a year makes.  

i made a target run the night before to pick up groceries and supplies for dinner, and threw in a few festive things for midnight.

dinner that night was a lot easier than the holiday meals we'd made for thanksgiving and christmas.  my trusty instant pots came through for our low-carb dinner of tuscan chicken with cauliflower mash, served with bacon-wrapped prosciutto and some keto-approved garlic cheese bread recipe i found online.

the guys disappeared into the back yard to smoke cigars and watch whatever netflix series they'd gotten hooked into, while the rest of us hung out inside where it was warm.  i dozed off somewhere between 11 and 11:57, when i realized it was time to get everyone together for the annual ball drop.  and as i passed out party hats i noticed that we had a couple of extras and subjected teddy to a quick photo shoot.  you can see how much he enjoyed it.

cocoa was even less amused, much like with the pajamas on christmas.

and stevie just chilled on the couch watching the shenanigans.

despite the moans and groans, i got everyone together for a quick group shot.

and a few other silly shots, right as we slid out of 2020 and into 2021.

the old lady wrangled her special friend and stevie for some family photos, which went over well.

and of course, the bean got in on it too.

teddy was just glad to have his part over with, and tried to melt into the couch so nobody would pick him up anymore.

it was a pretty subdued new year's eve, but just like the rest of the holidays it was spent with our little family.  everyone's healthy, safe and happy - and that's pretty much the perfect way to kick off a new year.  now let's hope that 2021 kicks 2020's ass.

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