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Friday, September 3, 2021

date night - strike one

while the bean was away at camp, the rest of us took advantage of the quiet time and scheduled a bunch of fun dinners at new (to us) restaurants.  the first one was at damian, in the arts district near downtown l.a.

we kicked things off with some dungeness crab tacos, ceviche and fresh guacamole.

this was the carne asada, cooked medium rare.

and we splurged on the quesadilla, topped with a very generous serving of truffles.  this was my favorite part of the meal, honestly.

i seriously don't even remember what this was.  maybe it was stuffed with creamed spinach and ricotta?  i don't know, man.  that's what i get for not blogging regularly.  yeesh.

confession:  ribs are not my favorite thing to eat.  they're always messy as hell, the sauce gets all over my fingers, and i just always feel sticky afterwards.

i don't think any of us particularly loved our meal here, but that's okay.  we had a great time together and it's always fun to try new places.  and nothing on the dessert menu really stood out to any of us, so we headed on out and ended up at the pie hole to grab a sweet to take home.

i'd been wanting to try their "cereal killer" pie forever, so i was pretty excited to dig in to my slice.  it has a cereal crust, a creamy cheesecake base with fruity pebbles mixed in and fruit loops on top.  one bite and it became my new favorite pie.  so yum.

and it was just the first of a handful of date nights we had planned over the next ten days.  whee!

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