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Friday, September 17, 2021

it's like my very own pixar movie

last month, i had the opportunity to indulge in a little "holy shit, i'm turning 50" narcissism...and i took it.  it happened to be on a weekend during which everyone was gone for one reason or another, and i didn't tell them i was doing it.  i love photo shoots, but for some reason i felt a little embarrassed about doing this one because it just seemed so - i don't know, vain?  but i really liked the idea of giving myself this little present, and so i went for it.

my actual birthday is tomorrow, and i know the hub and the kids have some surprises that are sure to be awesome and wonderful planned for the weekend.  my mom is putting together a lovely family party for me next weekend, which should be fun. plus i've had several dinners this week with friends and received lots of flowers from them as well as two lovely floral deliveries from my sweet husband.  i'm feeling very special and very spoiled, and you know i'm loving every second of it.

my mini photo shoot yielded a lot of really cute shots, but i narrowed it down to a handful to share because no one needs to sit here and page through 50+ pictures of yours truly.  and if you can't tell, the shoots that day were themed after the movie "up."  here we go:

happy birthday to meeeeeeeee!

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