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Thursday, June 2, 2022

how much can you squeeze into one day?

the next morning started out pretty much the same as the day before.  again, i marveled at how pretty the bean's hair is (and thought for the 482753208754th time about how much i wish i had that much hair again):

i stopped for a photo op, since there wasn't a single soul around:

as much as i don't love staying at the all-star resorts because the rooms are so small and basic, i do appreciate the cuteness of the decor on the outside.  after all, it's disney - they really know how to stay on theme.  like the mighty ducks pool - although do kids even watch those movies anymore?

in went the little tiny braids and high ponytail and the makeup and lashes again.

and because we had a good amount of time before we needed to report in with the team at espn center, i ordered some room service breakfast before i headed downstairs to the fitness center to get in a ride on one of the peloton bikes.

breakfast this time was a little less refined, being delivered in disposable containers in a plastic bag instead of the lovely tray set-up from the swan reserve hotel across the street.  it did the job though, i guess.

even better was the coffee toffee cookie that i happily bit into after breakfast.

and being florida, it poured down rain as we waited for the time to come to head out for competition.

and the hub sent me this picture of our sweet doggies back at home.

just like the day before, we met up with the team outside the venue and then parents and families headed inside to find seats when they went backstage for warmups.  although our seats were much better this time around.

along with the lucky shoes, the good luck bracelets were also in place.

and like the day before, the team performed their asses off.

when it was time for awards, the teams gathered on the floor to await the results.

this time around, they were bested by a team out of las vegas who, admittedly, was really good.  they were happy to take second place though, and had also managed to earn zero deductions with their routine.  too bad the buttons they handed out were...a little dated.  no less meaningful though.

we had a reservation for epcot that day, but even more important, there was a non-disney event that the bean had begged me to buy tickets for.  it just so happened that it was the one day that BTS was doing a screening of their most recent concert in seoul in theaters nationwide...and so that's how we ended up in a movie theater with lots of other screaming members of BTS army.

as soon as it ended, we caught an uber that took us straight to epcot.  and since we'd struck out for sushi the night before, we were determined to make it back to the japan pavilion in the world showcase and get into the restaurant for dinner.  even though it was fairly close to closing time, they seated us right in front of the sushi chefs.  phew!

we shared a volcano roll and wagyu wrap and splurged on the wagyu beef entree, ending with the mango mousse cake.

as we made our way to the water taxi that would take us straight back to our hotel, we caught a glimpse of epcot's "harmonious" show, a mixture of fireworks, floating screens, moving fountains and choreographed lights and lasers and stuff.  it looked super cool, and i kind of wish we'd have been able to see the whole thing.  alas, we were focused on catching the water taxi before it stopped running for the night.

these posters were placed throughout the hotel, reminding us that along with the three hours we'd already lost while traveling east, we were going to lose yet another one to daylight savings time.  sheesh.

no worries, though.  the work part of our trip was over and now we could focus on just having fun for the rest of our time in florida.  woohoo!

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