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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

most definitely a disney adult

believe it or not, just a few days after we got home from disney world...we had a disneyland day reserved with the old lady.  heh.  and we were extra excited because they'd finally brought back the trams that take you from the parking structure to the esplanade where the gates to the two parks are.  it's a good half-mile walk, which was always fine going to the parks - but that walk back after a day of fun SUCKED.

walking under this archway and seeing this sign always says "welcome home!"

we'd snagged a reservation for breakfast at carnation cafe on main street, which isn't something we do very often.  but isn't it always fun to start your day off with mickey-shaped food?

we just kind of wandered around, taking in all the sights and soaking in some of that disney magic.  and then we hopped onto the train and rode it all the way around, getting off at main street so that we could cross over into california adventure.

we wandered over into the stage 17 building, which houses a marvel-themed merchandised shop.

sat down for a drawing class in the animation academy:

and grabbed some lunch at pym test kitchen.  we ordered the gigantic choco smash bar to share, along with some kids' meals.  

i wanted to try the pb&j flavor lab, which was a fun DIY kit:

and this was the mini pasta and impossible meatballs plate.

we stopped to watch the spiderman show at the entrance of avengers campus before we called it a day and headed home.

that's the beauty of having an annual pass.  i mean, is it a pain in the ass to make a reservation ahead of time and not have the freedom of spontaneous visits to the parks?  yeah.  but when we can just go for a few hours and leave even after not riding a single ride and still feel perfectly happy to have gone at all...well, yeah.  that's still a good day in my book.

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