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Thursday, November 2, 2023

sunset beach...and one last sunset

as usual, i was the first to wake up on that final full day.  i decided to get everyone's breakfast orders and took the walk across the street back to liliha bakery to pick it up.  i took a different route that morning and used the beach access walkway, which is lined with surfboards that are stored there (i'm presuming by locals).

i really love balcony breakfasting.

and then we hopped in the car again and headed up towards north shore, passing mokoli'i (also known as "chinaman's hat") as we made our way up the familiar road.

we drove right past turtle bay resort, and then stopped at sunset beach to play in the water and enjoy one of our most favorite spots.

we were eventually joined by a couple of very friendly doggies, which really made me miss ours even though those scaredy cats are terrified of the ocean and wouldn't jump in like these guys happily did.

we drove through hale'iwa and decided against stopping at matsumoto's after catching a glimpse of the typical crowds waiting in the long lines.

instead, we continued to drive around and when we saw the red dirt, we knew the dole plantation was near.  the hub dropped us off at the entrance so that the bean could use the restroom and we could pick up a few things to take home.  

while i don't particularly love dole whip, we grabbed this for the bean and the hub to share on the drive back to waikiki.

we got back to the hotel in time to catch our last sunset of the trip.

i spent the last couple of hours of my evening getting a head start on packing...the saddest, poopiest part of any vacation.  sigh.

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