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Thursday, November 2, 2023

the day of "lasts"

last island latte.

last look out of the balcony.

last time wearing my "magic band."

last meal in honolulu.

after we returned the rental car it was time to drop off our bags...and mine just barely slid in under the 50-pound limit. oops.

then we were off to get through security and find our gate.

i'd never seen this before - a private little pod for nursing moms to feed their babies or get in a little pumping done before boarding a flight.

the going-home fit - another me-made dress paired with my favorite barbie pink birkenstocks:

before i knew it, we were boarding the plane and bidding o'ahu a sad "aloha and mahalo," one last time for this trip.

just a few hours later, we were home.

and that was the end of our magical, impromptu quickie summer hawaiian vacation.

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