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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

cookies, cookies, and more cookies.

The Christmas cookie gift project has officially begun.
So far, I've got a whopping three mason jars full of snickerdoodles. And of course, even after I measured so carefully, the stupid cookies are probably about 1/2" smaller in diameter than I wanted. Martha Stewart, I ain't. But they taste good! That's a start, I suppose.
I'm sitting here typing as my first dozen eggnog tea cookies are baking. Please send me happy cookie vibes - I didn't do a test run of these and I'm a little frightened. They'll get icing with rum in it, though....when all else fails, ply 'em with likka.
And those three mason jars? Only a small dent in the TWELVE I have to fill. Not to mention the other tins I'll be filling with probably 3 different kinds of cookies. At least I don't have to do all of them by Christmas.....
[shaking fist at Martha for making me think homemade gifts were the way to go]
The timer's going off! *sigh*

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  1. Ha... you sound like me. [holding out hands and thinking to self...."buying" or "baking" ???? hmmm] Eff Martha and her little dog To-To too :)

    Lots of love and great baking vibes.


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