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Monday, December 18, 2006

knotties + food + presents

= more fun than you can possibly imagine!

Our ginormous group managed to pull it together for the first annual SFAMily Holiday Hoorah! It was held on Sunday at Firefly Bistro, in South Pasadena. There were so many fabulous elements to this gathering - really yummy food, a cute location (although I'm sure the other patrons were sorry they chose Firefly for a nice, quiet Sunday brunch), fun gift exchanges, and a surprise visit from our favorite pregnant Knottie! Sadly, there were two members of the SFAMily who were MIA, and we missed them a lot. But *tear* we managed to press on and have a good time anyway. ;)

Here's our "tree":
And we had a few party favors, too - yummy brownies with the cutest greeting, and two of my own offerings - candy and a calendar with everyone's birthdays and anniversary/wedding days. I'd post a photo, but I ate 'em before I realized it probably would have been cool to snap a pic. And of course, I managed to completely overlook printing a calendar for myself. Oh, well. I'm printing a couple extra anyway, for the two who couldn't make it. I guess I can throw one in there for me, too. Sweet!

Here's one of the highlights of the White Elephant Gift Exchange ($5 limit!):

This was K before I stole that Santa right out from under her! I like the slightly dumbfounded look on the random dude behind her, too. I'd "paint" him out, but what fun would that be?

All in all, it was probably one of the most fun gatherings we've had yet! And, here's a little something that was captured by the dude who volunteered to take our group picture. It's really fuzzy, but you get the picture. And I'm htmltarded, so I can't figure out how to get the whole screen in.
Dear nice man who so kindly offered to help us out: Um, you got stuck on the "video" mode, dude. But hey, thanks for playing. And a Merry Christmas to ya.


  1. beautiful video

    you're a rockstar! professional GTG-coordinator are you!

  2. Dude.... he's bad (not as bad as the dancing uncle and 'someone's' wedding)... but he's still bad. :P

  3. Love it, love it, love it.

    But you knew that, seeing as how I wrote about it, too! Hahahahahaha.


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