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Friday, December 1, 2006

Rick Beswick, R.I.P.

I found out yesterday that my lawyer, Rick Beswick, passed away Monday morning of a heart attack. Thankfully, he went in his sleep and I hope that means he didn't feel any pain.
This man was an extremely talented lawyer and was very well known in the San Bernardino and Riverside courts. He'd been married to his wife, a former mayor of Redlands, for 44 years, and they had three children.
I didn't actually know Rick all that well aside from hiring him on two occasions, but he was such a great guy. He was wonderful to me, and remembered details about my situation that even I had forgotten! He'd walk into a courtroom and greet everyone from the bailiff to the law clerk, and inquire about their spouses/kids/dogs by name. People were drawn to his magnetic personality, although if you were on the opposite side, you had to watch your ass - because he'd getcha, and getcha good.
The world will be quite a different place without him in it. See ya, Mr. Beswick. We'll miss you.

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