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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

recipe for a wan-derful evening:


1 very dorky female
1 twice-worn (but oft-tried on) wedding gown
an extremely patient husband
the top tier of a wedding cake, half frozen
very sharp knife
one wedding video
wedding veil (optional, but helpful)
digital camera
comfy couch

Take the dorky female and add the wedding gown. Stir in a truckload of cheeseballness and mix well. Season generously with bridal twirling and squealing. Put the optional wedding veil on and use the digital camera to capture extreme nuttiness. Both video and still photography are highly recommended. Set aside for later use.

Place patient husband on the comfy couch. Sprinkle him with lots of extra patience and happiness, then set up wedding video. Take the very sharp knife and use it to carve a slice of half-frozen wedding cake (after taking photos of cake, of course).
Hit "play" on video and begin to eat cake. Top with a dollop of hilarious commentary on wedding video. Take more photos, and then call it a night. ;)


  1. i <3 you. i <3 your mugs. but i pink sparkly puffy paint <3 the resulting video the best.

  2. I so heart the ingredients of this night. If Lil Bam Bam allows us to video, eat, drink, smile, enjoy, breathe and sit for our anniversary, we'll be following in your Wan-derful footsteps.

  3. I plan to use the same recipe for my own anniversary although I may have to alter some of the ingredients ;)


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