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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

they're done!! weeeeeeee!!!

I decided that I was going to create and produce our own family Christmas cards this year. Hallmark ain't got nothin' on my skillz, yo.

I checked out our wedding invitation guest list and thought, I can do this! I estimated having perhaps 75 cards to do. I was a little daunted at the idea, but I figured, maybe putting some of my work out there might generate some inquiries, right? There's family and friends and clients and co-workers on our addressee list. Someone's got to know someone who could use my help.

Well, it turned out to be more like 125 cards. 125!! I felt like I was gluing and assembling for days. But just now, I watched our mail lady take away the stacks of carefully addressed, sealed, and stamped cards. I also came to the realization that 125 is nothing - it could have been way more than that. And especially if I get any clients with ginormous wedding guest lists and such.

So I danced a little jig in my chair. Yippee! One holiday task down, and only 187389017 to go.


  1. HLFY.

    jk. congrats fo' real, yo. that's a buttload of cards there.

    (wanna assemble mine once they're designed and printed? i should enlist some SFAMily slave labor...)

  2. Hey... you're just like me. I create/produce invitations for anything for anyone. And just like you... I complain about the number (wait.. you didn't complain) and then once I'm done I'm like "phew, it could have been worse). Keep up the good work. Maybe we could go into business together shut Hallmark down.
    Black and Brown Pride forever! ;)

  3. Serious props to you, I did around the same number for my wedding invites and had to enlist the help of 2 friends to get them done.

    Never again, for future events, I shall enlist the services of Wan-derful Cards & Co.


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