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Monday, December 4, 2006

happy wan-niversary to us!

One year ago today, I was sitting in our suite at the Four Seasons Maui, bonding with my bridal party, having hair and nails done, and totally excited about marrying my fabulous fiance.

At this precise moment (allowing for Hawaiian time, of course), we were giggling up a storm, snacking on fun munchies from the club hospitality room, and just being girls (not to mention, I was writing my vows. Procrastinator, anyone?). I just can't believe it's been an entire year already! It seems so long ago, and yet it went by so fast.

I look back and realize how many things have happened over the last twelve months. It's just amazing! And my kid - she just looks so different now, just one year later.

So tonight, we'll head to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse to celebrate. It ain't the one in Maui, but it'll do. It'll do just fine.


  1. I knew I was forgetting something! 'Can't believe it's been a year.
    Well, Happy Anniversary to you!

    I enjoy reading your blog. Be sure to save all of it- everything sounds like books 'we've' been reading, as in 'The Devil Wears Prada'!
    I hope I can write something here that doesn't sound too elementary in French soon. I'm on Lesson 12 of podcast French Ecole. It's a lot of fun, I recommend it highly, and all FREE. Just trying to exercise the mind, so they say. :)

  2. happy anniversary deary! have a good time tonight!

  3. Happy Wan-naversary, cheeseball!!

    And I heart Ruth's Chris. Have some lobster bisque for me.

  4. Sorry I missed the actual day but HAPPY WAN-NIVERSARY you sexy couple you!


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