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Thursday, November 30, 2006

thinking about Christmas shopping....

You know, last year we were SO organized with the shopping. I guess it was because we were in the midst of the wedding hoopla, and that was pretty damn micromanaged with its multiple spreadsheets and checklists. So Christmas got thrown right in the mix.

But of course, I can't find the damn file of last year's gift list. This is amazing to me, because I keep EVERYTHING. I think I even backed up all of the wedding spreadsheets and files on CD and threw it into the wedding memorabilia box. Shut up - yes, we have a WEDDING BOX. Ha!

The kid has a specific list, so that'll be really simple:

* a video iPod
Vans shoes
* anything from
* clothes and shoes from

I'm thinking, if we've got anyone else on the list, I'm going
Martha Stewart on their asses. I hope folks will like the homemade cookies and candy I'll be experimenting on them with. And I hope it doesn't all land in the trash. I'm a good cook, I swear!

Need a great gift list template? Click here. It's the one we used last year!


  1. I want a video iPod and Vans, too! My video iPod just arrived yesterday. So happy! :)

  2. I ahve a wedding box. Extra invites, cards that we got, etc, etc, etc. Be proud, girlfriend.


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