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Monday, November 27, 2006

boring, boring weekend

Amazingly enough, I saw no movies this weekend! Other than watching snippets of various movies on cable (classics such as "The Wedding Singer", "Big Daddy", "Mr. Deeds", and everyone's all-time favorite, "Titanic"), it was nothing but errands and cleaning. Boooooo!! But I'm proud to say that we now have fun Christmas lights up, an organized garage, and other fun Christmas decor inside the house too. Yay!

I spent lots of time at Michael's. My nerdy, crafty side is thrilled. My practical, checkbook-balancing side is PISSED. Coupon or not, that was a spending spree I didn't need. Not to mention, I finally cashed in a Sephora gift certificate and ended up spending more money. I better look fabulous after all this new makeup.

I did manage to score on a cool bag of free samples. If you do any shopping on Sephora.com between now and the next couple of weeks, use coupon code "CIRQUE" at checkout.

Um, and if you don't like the free gift, I'll take it. :)

I also spent some time trying to come up with some more card designs.

I'm going to get to SAHM status, dammit!


  1. You are too much! The quest to be a SAHM... shit ass ho motherfucker, right?

  2. i love the christmas one!

    i came across a lot of crafty blogs at one point. all the bloggers were moms, too. i learned the idea of "cottage industry" and am currently jealously wishing i could do that. perhaps one day i can. we shall see...


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