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Sunday, November 19, 2006

snacks, cars, and parades, oh my!

Whew, what a weekend. And it ain't over yet.

The hub and I spent yesterday afternoon at Dodger Stadium in beautiful downtown L.A. He'd gotten an invitation to
Taste of Lexus and managed to score the last two spots for us. Three things:

* Free food
* All the Fiji water (and soda, lemonade, iced tea, coffee, etc.) we could drink
* Test driving all the new Lexus models without any stupid sales pitches to endure

It was quite fabulous. Not to mention that I spent a good chunk of time in the Dermologica-sponsored:

I got a 10-minute chair massage (which I needed more than I realized), a skin analysis (in an attempt to figure out why my forehead looks like a damn constellation these days), and two fistfuls of free samples. I sparkly puffy pink heart free stuff. And then I managed to find the hub to test-drive some fun cars. I've never been a huge Lexus fan, but wow, that LS460 was quite a sweet ride, indeed.

So although I'd stuffed myself with really tasty tidbits (crab cakes, mini vegetable wellington, 3-cheese tortellini, meat on a stick with various dipping sauces), I talked the hub into making our way towards Union Station to find Philippe's. I'd discovered the home of the original French-dipped sandwich over summer vacation with the kid and her BFF, and tortured the hub with a cell phone photo of my fabulous sandwich. I figured, since we were in the area, it was time for him to experience the fabulous beefy goodness for himself, and wash it down with their yummy lemonade. I think he was quite pleased - especially as he managed to catch the tail end of the big game. Not the USC one, but the other one, and because I don't really give a crap, I don't remember who was playing. I was far too engrossed in my sandwich. In fact, as we were crossing the street from the parking lot on our way into the joint, I did the 'jump 'n' clap'.

Me: Aren't you excited for our French dip?
Him: Um, no. [patting me on the head] I don't get excited about food, babe, but it's fun when YOU do. [doing a faux jump 'n clap] I think we need to go to SPRINKLES to make the experience complete!
Me: OMG, really?!?
Him: No, I was just kidding.

This morning, we got to church (yes, heffas, I go to church) really late. With not a single parking spot in sight. The hub turns to me and goes "wanna go get breakfast instead?" Um, duh. So we head towards Pasadena after I tell him that Il Fornaio does breakfast that sounds really yummy.

What ELSE is happening in Pasadena today?


We eat. We walk along Colorado and stop in a few shops (of course, Paper Source was among the spots I just had to visit), and when the parade starts, we stand our happy asses in the 95-degree sun-soaked morning and watch it.

My normally uber-conservative husband found it fascinating. Like, he couldn't tear himself away till it was over. I sweated my ass off, but endured the whole freaking thing. And freaky it was:

And how was YOUR weekend??


  1. Glad to see you bloggin'...

    Woo-hoo!!! First to leave a comment! :)

  2. Wow, lovin this! A new blog to read, YAY, ______ ___ _______!!!!

    Happy to see you in blogworld, dear!

  3. tater, here! welcome to blogland.

    your post inspired me to start a new thread...you know where.

  4. Hey cutey pa-tootey... luv luv luv your blog. I'll be back freqently.

    Um... I will be adding you to my list-o-favs and if either Iisha or BabyJ drops a comment... you'll know who it's coming from.


  5. I heart pictures and I heart that you have a blog. :) Maybe I'll be inspired now too. I'm sure hubby will *love* that. Congrats on getting started. It looks great so far!

  6. Great title for the blog. The runner up in my mind would've been It's a Wanderful Life.


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