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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

there goes my shot at fame and glory.

It just occurred to me that it's been way more than a week since I had my preliminary phone interview with the Knot/Travel+Leisure. Damn!

Knot Jen posted on the Nest, looking for destination wedding brides to talk about planning a DW, budgeting, etc. So, because I'm an AW, I replied and sent a couple of photos from our wedding. A couple of days later, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email asking for a brief interview to discuss more specifics.

I had that interview on October 30th, on my way home from work. And darn it, I was supposed to have heard after a week.....ish.

Damn near a month later, I hear nothing! Nothing, I tell you! Poop. They picked some other heffa's wedding. Well, ours wasn't really anything unique, I guess. But dammit, it was OURS, and I wanted to see that shit in print!!!

[running off to scotch-tape wedding pictures in Bride magazine]


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