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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

turkey day. in two days.

So I find myself in the position of having to find recipes for three things: cupcakes (that's just a question of narrowing it down!), au gratin potatoes (which I've made before, and now I have to find that recipe again) and baked mac & cheese. There's also the option of picking up some fabulous cream puffs. Somehow, though, that seems a little less personal and fun. I might just save that for another occasion.

I went to a family gathering on Sunday evening and my cousin (again, I'm Filipino; therefore, I have oodles of cousins) said "Dude, you know what would KILL it on Thanksgiving? If you made macaroni & cheese!" I used to make blue-box mac & cheese for this cousin when we were little - and I got him HOOKED :) So just for him....I'm on the hunt for a great recipe that DOESN'T involve powdered neon orange cheese.

And, this is totally random:

I'm going to throw something else into the mix that is my crazy life. I've talked about starting up a business for ages - doing custom invites and cards and things. I even have a partner! So I'm working on an ad to throw on craigslist, and I think I might even create a separate blog, just for the business. I hope I can find all of the photos I took of the cards and invites I've done over the last couple of years! Here's the cards I made for my bridal party (yes, snarkies, I DID "Will You Be" CARDS!):

And here's an invitation I did for a BBQ:

I have a few ideas for a business name....but I'm taking suggestions! I'm stupidly excited about this idea. Like, crazy stupid, and twirling around with fairy dust in one hand and ribbon wands in the other. I know you can picture it.


  1. I am so excited for your new biz! Those cards look fab!

  2. Will You Be cards?! Bwahahahahaha! I mean...those look great!

    Seriously, though, kudos to you and the paper. Now I will have to find another paper person for my imaginary wedding truck stop. Oh well.

  3. I'll forgive you for making "Will You Be" cards, but if I find out you made Tears of Joy packets...

    But seriously, you seem to have a real knack for all things paper and you enjoy doing it. Go for it! :)


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