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Friday, October 9, 2009

mommy in da houuuuuse

i am dead tired. i stumbled into the office this morning after working like a dog on an invitation order, but i'm pretty stoked that i managed to finish them all last night. the bean was none too pleased at my attention being focused on anything but her and did everything she could to get my attention.

she knows she's not supposed to be anywhere near that stove. she pushed a package of diapers across the living room floor- "moooooooommy! hot!" she teased me. oy, that child.

that's a new development, too. i've now transitioned from the oh-so-proper "mum" i used to be to the super endearing "mommy." i always think "mommy" is just so sweet, especially when spoken from the lips of a loving toddler (even when she's doing something particularly naughty). plus, she's so affectionate - she loves to choose the moments when she's accidentally smacked me in the face or spilled something on the floor to run over, wrap her little arms around my leg/neck/arm/whatever she can reach, close her eyes, and murmur "luh you, mommy."

how on earth am i ever going to discipline this child when she pushes all the right buttons at just the right time?

and she's a total sponge these days, too. you can't say anything without her parroting you with a big ass grin. i was bitching and moaning over a really attractive pimple on my lip the other day, and she came over, held my face in her hands, and inspected the offending blemish closely. then she let go, pointed one chubby little finger at my face, and shouted "pim-poh!"

greeeeeeat. she's repeated this little process quite a few times over the last few days. stupid skin, anyway. doesn't it know i'm 38, not 14?? ugh.

i know that the bride and groom want to keep the details of these pretty invitations under wraps until the guests have them in their hot little hands, so i can't post pictures yet. but i just love these wedding band stamps that i used on the RSVP envelopes - aren't they cute??

ah, i love all the little details. but then again, you knew that already.


  1. the bean has the best clothes. she's so stinkin cute

  2. One time my friends baby asked me why I had pimples all over my face and I died!! But then my friend was like, she means freckles :)

  3. well, at least the bean will know what to expect in 12 yrs. :/

  4. Now that the invitations are done maybe you'll get some time to rest and relax!

  5. Well, when the bean is old enough to get pimples, feel free to point at her face? :)


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