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Friday, October 23, 2009

scampering up the JLP social ladder

okay, so i realize that i'm probably scaring off any prospective junior leaguers with my whirlwind of meetings and GTGs. hell, the hub is probably wishing i hadn't joined the group after all, with my weekly outings of late. heh.

but it's really a lot of fun, and meeting and getting to know new people is pretty addictive. plus, i'll confess that i'm probably putting extra effort into this because i'm trying to make myself visible in the group. seems that this year's provisional class is particularly large compared to other classes in recent years, and so it'll be harder to stand out in such a big crowd. you know i'm trying, despite the fact that i'm actually kind of shy when it comes to opening up to new peeps. stop laughing. it's totally true.

i whipped up a pot of that yummy creamy broccoli-cheese soup for my little family before running out the door.

i made a quick stop at party city on my way - the teen is looking for a particular costume for halloween, and unfortunately, it's been sold out at all of the stores in our area. and, right in line with the luck i've had this week, i scurried outta there empty-handed once again. boo. so i hopped back in the car and made my way over to the JLP house.

as always, there was a lovely spread set out for us - which was great for me since i was hungry (what else is new?) and hadn't had time to grab something for dinner.

i walked in the room and took a seat near the front, just in time to catch a few of the committee chairs posing for a group shot.

i perused the meeting agenda and the calendar of upcoming dates to see what other stuff i'd be adding to my calendar.

it was a really fun and informative meeting, during which members and chairs of the various committees within the league were given a little floor time to provide a brief overview of what their group does. being a newbie/provisional, it was great to learn more about the inner workings of the league and see how the wide variety of duties and responsibilities are spread out. i was particularly interested in the publicity and technology committee, and made a mental note to introduce myself to the current chair and members at next week's meeting.

yes, there's another meeting next week. the hub gave me the stink eye when i told him about it, too.

"operation get wan super involved in the JLP" continues!


  1. You're not scaring me off at all, but you are providing a great first-hand account of what type of time commitment is needed. I appreciate it a lot and am tucking all the info away for future reference! :)

  2. You're not gonna show up today with pearls and everything, are you? :)

  3. I do believe you're shy with new people. New people are scary!

  4. They'd be fools not to let you be Grand Dame of Junior League. Fools, I tell you!!!!

    (caveat: I'm sure that they're incredibly nice poeople. This post is supposed to be humorous. Heh.)

  5. Sounds like you've found a nice new group to hang with. As long as we don't take a backseat, I'm aight with it. Hee hee. jk. Kinda.


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