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Thursday, October 8, 2009

random, random, ice cream and cake!

man, mornings are madness at the wan house. it's a mad rush to get both me and the hub in and out of the shower and ready to go before MIL arrives to hang out with the bean. and when the teen is home, it's even crazier. plus, with the cooler fall weather finally in effect (which i LOVE), the female wardrobe in the house is rather limited - with the exception of the bean, who's got a seemingly endless supply of cute clothes and is always quite stylish. the teen and i find ourselves scurrying back and forth between our two closets, looking for something decent to wear. blech.

i was trying to get some stuff done in the kitchen this morning before heading off to work and realized that the bean had gone very quiet. i peeked over and didn't see her in any of her usual spots, and then i rounded the corner and found her:

poor baby. she woke up rather early this morning and must've gotten cold - she rarely snuggles up in a blanket, even at night. she usually kicks it off and i replace it about a dozen times, because when i touch her, the skin on her little arms is always ice-cold.

i forgot to mention that i started my monday off with a nice little treat, mostly because i'd forgotten to make the coffee the night before. i swung into starbucks and noticed this sign as i walked in:

this dude was parked in the middle of the store, flagging down bleary-eyed monday morning worker bees as we staggered in for our caffeine fix. and since i'd managed to get there in between the crowds, i stopped at his little table to take the taste test.

i have to admit, i don't really know shit about coffee. i couldn't really tell the difference between their regular brewed coffee and the new instant via ready-brew stuff they were hawking. and to be perfectly honest, both of the little sample cups i was handed to taste were horrid. then again, i'm more of a "lots o'syrup, lots o'cream" coffee kinda girl, so there. but i managed to identify which was which, and i walked away with a coupon for a free drink.

of course, the coupon is for a free brewed coffee, so we'll see if i even end up using it. heh. i got in line for my usual (grande iced nonfat upside-down caramel macchiato, remember?) and eyed more of their marketing paraphernalia.

last night, the hub was out for a dinner meeting, which he has every wednesday. this usually leaves me free to have dinner with MIL. we scooped up the girls, headed to the mall to run a couple of errands, and found ourselves at this OG spot:

oh, yes. but i'd managed to forget both my camera and my phone at home, so i've got no pictures to share. i didn't order anything particularly exciting anyway, but i did quite enjoy my breakfast-for-dinner plate of hotcakes and bacon. mmmmm. and because the bean was super fidgety, we decided to take our yummy dessert to-go. hello, hot fudge cake.

this, of course, led me to sing and dance for the rest of the evening: "ice cream and cake! do the ice cream and cake!"

i'm seriously four years old.


  1. I've never been to Bob's Big Boy, but for some reason I'm dying to try it. I'm not huge on fast food, but there's something about kitschy nostaliga that draws me in.

  2. That's the exact reason I didn't bother with the sbux taste challenge - I can't drink just straight brewed coffee. Ick!

  3. I actually like their new Via stuff. Not for everyday consumption, of course, but would be great for camping or other activities where fresh brewed coffee isn't really available. Seriously, I would have killed for that stuff during our Peru trip!


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