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Monday, November 30, 2009

bilingual bean

so awesome. i taught her to count from one to ten in tagalog:

i try to speak to her in the tongue of my homeland as often as i can, but i forget. i've gotta get on the ball so she can be bilingual and we can talk shit whenever we want to when she gets older. haha! okay, there are other benefits, i know.

oh, and the teen and i are constantly amused whenever we're out on the road, driving along happily, when out of nowhere the bean will point and shout "hi, fuck!"

of course, she's spotted a truck and wants to make sure we haven't missed it. and that applies to lots of other situations, like when we're getting ready on a monday morning and she hears the trash being picked up. "mommmmmyyyyy! frash fuck! see 'em?"

an emergency vehicle speeds past our apartment: "fire fuck! fire fuck! noise! fire fuck! bye, fuck!"

the teen and i react in an appropriately mature manner every time - anything from a smirk to full-on cackling. it's just so freaking funny. the hub is always quick to correct her: "truck, bean. it's a TR-uck." and she'll smile sweetly and say "fuck. fuuuuck!"

that's my girl.


  1. LMAO!!!! The bean is so freakin' hilarious. You had me rolling on each line when describing situations as to when she drops the F Bombs.

  2. i bet the bean always wonders wth you two are always laughing about. lol..too funny!

  3. OMG!!!! all morning i've been walking around with the hugest headache, and i SO needed to read this right now. that bean cracks me up!

  4. btw, i think it's SO AWESOME that you're teaching her tagalog! i'm soooo mad at my parents for not teaching me. boo.

  5. that might be the cutest thing yet :)

  6. I can count to 10 in 5 languages, but not tagalog. Maybe I'll make that my goal for this Christmas vacation.

  7. I have tons to catch up on on my reader but I had to tune in for this with the volume. I LOVE IT! She is so cute! And I still can't get over the fire fucks. Lmao. She really is your daughter.

  8. Fuck! Hahahaha. I hope to see her again before she learns the right way to say it.


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