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Monday, November 9, 2009

ta-ta, twin palms

i was really sad to hear that our local wedding reception venue, the twin palms in pasadena, was yet another victim of the economy and was throwing in the towel. they'd whittled down their hours of operation to weekends only, and even that was apparently not enough to keep it open. in a few weeks, their doors will be shut for good, and this totally bums me out.

so when MIL asked for ideas on where to do a 70th birthday luncheon for the hub's gram, i was happy to help arrange it. and on saturday morning at 11:30, we checked in for our table of 12:

walking in the door brought back some fantastic memories, and just a month shy of our 4th wedding anniversary, i found myself reminiscing about our awesome reception.

we were seated at a table near the entrance.

spying the camera in my hand, the bean at first avoided looking at me, but finally caved when she realized i wasn't giving up. and she gave me this funny little half-smile as the hub and i laughed at her.

my interpretation of this shot is "cut it out, mom!" ya think?

they were offering a $15 prix-fixe 3-course lunch menu. i went with a classic caesar salad, grilled salmon with beurre blanc sauce and green beans, and a chocolate soufflé. it was all scrumptious.

the hub's cobb salad and tortilla soup. and beer.

the restaurant was full of large parties. i giggled at these balloons, celebrating "the man troy" and his 38th birthday, and eyed the baby shower clothesline and decor appreciatively.

the bean liked sitting next to the palm tree just behind us. "fee!" she pointed.

i wasn't feeling like a supermodel that morning.

it was nice to visit the restaurant for one final meal before it closes, and despite the teasing i took about taking pictures ("don't you already have like 500 pictures of this place?" "yeah, but this is the last time we'll ever get to come here!"), i snapped a couple more as we left.

the bean hitched a ride on the way back to the car, and she squealed with glee as he gave her quite a ride. cheaper than disneyland, the hub's shoulders are.

bye bye, twin palms. thanks for the memories.


  1. It's nice that you were able to go one last time. And that is a killer price for your lunch!

  2. It's weird because the place is just a "place" - it's not your wedding and it's not your marriage. And yet we have such ties to that day and the place where it was. I think it's wonderful you got to go back there one last time, and tuck away another memory of it.

  3. Aw, I remember the reception! It was so beautiful. I can't believe it's closing, but what a fitting send-off - wan love.

  4. Awww. This makes me sad. One of my criteria for picking the wedding location was the ability to visit the place anytime we want after the wedding. It makes me sad that they're taking that away from you.

  5. the bean looks gorgeous in those pics! her hair is beautiful.

  6. Do you know when they are actually closing? I just found a $200 gift card for this place this past weekend that I better spend asap.

  7. according to their website, 11/25 is their last hurrah. better get to it!

  8. I seriously think you're daughter is the cutest kid ever!

  9. My wedding venue was foreclosed and is now bank-owned. Good times!

  10. how sad about the twin palms, but I'm glad you got to go and enjoy before it closed.

    can't believe how grown up the Bean looks! she's so adorable!



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