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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

gimme some lovin'. gimme gimme some lovin'!

okay, i realize i've been really sucky at keeping up on my blogroll lately. i know it. life is just nuts lately and i'm scraping up time here and there to upload pictures and keep up with my own blog.

and yet i'm super bummed that the comment lovin' has been super low around here lately. what'sa girl gotta do to get some these days?? now, i fully admit that my life isn't exactly excitement city, but are my posts really that boring and pathetic, unworthy of comments? how sad. and yet i just keep pluggin' along. hey, if you've got a topic or a question or something interesting for me to talk about, lemme know.

and now i'm a little scared. heh. well, have at it. let's see what you can come up with. because today's post? chock full of random shit that'll likely drive you away even further.

i was super stoked a couple of weeks ago when i learned via
twitter (which is how i get most of my news these days) that my beloved mcrib sandwich was finally making an appearance again. that shit has been MIA from local mcdonald's outlets since 20-freaking-06! and like my friend nanette said, the second thing i think of when i hear "mcrib" (the first, of course, being "YUM!") is "the osbournes," where jack gets all excited for the same reason and kelly totally makes fun of him for screaming "the mcrib is back!" haha.

it wasn't supposed to be available until november 30th, and i was literally counting the days. but again, via twitter, i read that folks were finding it all around the l.a. area. and so i took a chance and headed to my local mickey d's to check it out, and i was ridiculously stoked to pull up to the drive-thru menu and find this:

whee! luck was on my side that day. i drove home excitedly and dug right in.

looks kinda nasty, huh? but no - it was fabulous. mmmmm. i think i may need another one, stat. happy thanksgiving to me.

last week, the bean was going through some kind of weird pissed-off phase. she was flipping out and throwing classic "terrible twos" temper tantrums, but with a twist. she'd start freaking out over nothing, we'd let her get it all out for a few minutes, and then she'd stop crying and go back to her normal, sweet self as if nothing had happened. "bipolar twos" is more like it. sheesh. and when she decided to try and pull that crap with me the other day, i sat her ass in her high chair, continued with whatever i was doing at the time, and moments later found this:

luckily, it's been a good week so far and we haven't had any reruns of those OOFC episodes. i hope she's over it, but only time will tell. i think this might have had something to do with the weirdness, though:

holy eff, the bottom of her shirt is freaking filthy. but this was post-post-blood draw treat, so i'm giving me a pass.

last week also found the teen, rock-ell, the bean and me heading to
7-eleven after school to fulfill a mad slurpee craving. we wandered through the aisles for a few minutes before we found ourselves at the giant beverage bar, stupefied at the sheer number of choices available to us.

and then the teen spotted this thing:

it's a freaking big gulp guitar. this thing holds 52 ounces of liquid refreshment and is absolutely ludicrous - and we had. to. have. one. the teen gleefully chose a blue guitar and got to work filling it with something out of the soda fountain, and we all giggled our asses off the whole time. even the typically indifferent folks behind the register were laughing as they watched our antics, although i'm not sure if they were laughing with us or at us. either way, it was utterly silly and fun, and totally worth the, uh, $7.99 we forked out for it.

meanwhile, i settled for a simple coke slurpee in this cute
domo cup:

and then the giggling started up again in the car as the teen wrapped that guitar strap around herself and sipped lustily on her beverage of choice. it was just so comical, but maybe you had to be there.

jumping from one topic to another, it's back to my brother's wedding for one of my favorite shots of the day:

also last week, i finally indulged in my first starbucks holiday beverage of the season - the new caramel brulee latte (i implore you not to click on that link if you don't want to know how bad that thing actually is). i even got it hot, which is quite atypical for me as hot coffee usually puts me to sleep. and while i was standing in line to order it, i caught a glimpse of the new mini card, designed by project runway champ christian siriano. it was so sparkly and pretty, i had to have one. and i was even more tickled to see the adorable red knit "sleeve" that came with it.

y'all know how easy it is to please me. heh.

the bean likes to kick back and relax with a starbucks drink, too. and the tall hot cup with lid is the perfect size for her. she can hold it easily in her little paws and drink from it without spilling a drop.

before you start to cyber-kick my ass, rest easy with the knowledge that i am not feeding my two-year-old coffee drinks from starbucks. no, that cup is full of horizon organic chocolate milk, of course.

sheesh, what kind of mom do you think i am?


  1. That guitar is AMAZING. Just pure greatness.

    And re: the comments, I'm just lazy. Loving the content as always.

  2. I'm still reading your blog - it makes me smile and I like all the random shit! I guess I feel sorta stalkerish when I comment too often.

  3. ditto what Steffens Family said. Plus I enjoy your randomness on twitter as well. BTW- the bacon posts cracked me up. I sometimes comment on your tweets but, don't want to feel like I'm being a stalker either.

  4. oh, and the guitar slurpee.... love it! lol

  5. Love the guitar, love the Caramel Brulee (had the frappé version), love the pic of the girls, loved the McRib ( had it for the 1st time on Monday) and specially love the randomness :) You're doing great! I am wondering what you'll be popping out if your kitchen for Turkey day...I will wait for pics & blog update. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Leaving you some comment love. I read your blog regularly but have only commented once before...and that won me some free ice cream!

  7. i love your blog and look forward to reading it daily. i too feel like a stalker when i leave too many comments.

    ethan gets the whipped milk from starbucks, its the best and i think child's drinks are only $1 or so. i do get weird looks too from people who think that my child is drinking a coffee drink!

  8. Yay, McRib! (Even tho I've never had one and have no desire to...)


  9. I heart your blog and could probably teach classes on stalking, so I have no shame with the frequency of my comments. :-)
    I seriously think we are sisters from another mister because my first reaction when I hear about the McRib is to remember Kelly saying "Jack that's such a fat kid thing to say."

    PS - Eight bucks to drink soda from a guitar...totally worth it!

  10. 1) We're not into the McRib in our household, but it's been in San Diego for at least a month. There are billboards, and it's all over the tv and radio.
    2) When we were in Vegas this weekend we saw those guitars everywhere....but they weren't filled with soda.

  11. You reminded me that I must, must, must get myself a carmel brulle latte (or however the fuck you spell that sheet) this weekend before Diet 2009 begins on Monday!

  12. (1) I love McDs but think McRib is just nasty. But hey, more for you!
    (2) Guitar slurpee = genius!
    (3) I have been really lazy and not reading blogs lately. It's not you, it's me.
    (4) Now I want a domo cup, dammit.
    (5) Nom nom nom. The caramel brulee latte is my faaaavorite these days.


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