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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

cookies, the lazy way

seems like there's a theme to the last couple of posts, eh? ha!

so, facebook. it's just such a magical thing. not only does it allow me to keep up with folks near and far, but it's like an online reunion with childhood friends i'd lost track of ages ago. surely those of you who are also on facebook have found yourselves in similar situations. and i'm somewhat addicted to it, constantly checking and refreshing my home page to see what people are up to, although i refuse to allow myself to get sucked into the games. i have some friends *cough*quirky!*cough* who i really never imagined getting super into stuff like farm town, mafia wars, and cafe world. it's pretty funny to see their updates.

anyway, i'm totally off track here (what else is new?). i'd seen a status update from a girl who was one of my very first friends when i moved to a new school in the fourth grade, and she and i seem to be pretty neck-and-neck when it comes to cooking and baking. she'd posted that she was making something called lemon crisp cookies, and of course, i had to have the recipe. i like lemon. i like cookies. i don't always love crispy cookies, but it's been known to happen. and, like the good friend/enabler she is, she messaged me with it.

dudes. it's, like, the easiest freaking recipe i've ever seen. there are all of four ingredients:

and after the butter's melted (yup, the whole stick) and you combine them all together in a big bowl, you're ready to scoop out cookies. oh, and it's just 1 cup of rice krispies, in case you want to make some for yourself.

make little 1" balls, squash 'em down a little with your thumb, and bake at 350 for about 9 minutes.

but of course, i always manage to find a way to fuck shit up. seriously, can i ever complete a recipe without some kind of mishap? and this time, it was just a dumb ass move on my part. only having one perfectly sized silpat for my little convection oven, i started placing little scoops of dough on the mesh-ish (yeah, i just made that word up) sheet thingy without putting a piece of parchment or even foil down on it. and stupid me, i just kept scooping and squashing, not really giving it a second thought. from the top, they look just fine, yes?

until they were completely cooled and i went to lift them off of the sheet. d-oh! they were mushed through the bottom, and i ended up having to pry them off carefully with my spatula. luckily, they weren't actually very hard or crunchy, and most of them were soft enough to bend without breaking. gah. i'm so freaking lazy.

they turned out really nicely - a lovely golden color, just slightly crispy on the outside but really chewy inside. and the rice krispies added a great texture to the cookie. i'm already brainstorming on other cake mix flavors to try this with. mmmm. maybe chocolate, adding some mini m&ms to the mix too? the possibilities are endless!

they, um, make for a great breakfast. and lunch, too, if need be. trust me on this.


  1. That is MY KIND of recipe! I just starred this.

  2. I LOVE Lemon Cookies!! Thanks for the simple recipe. I've printed it out for future cookie makin! :)

  3. Would the temp and time change if you don't have a convection oven?

  4. christa: nope. my friend uses a regular oven.

  5. Im so trying this. I love lemony things. thanks for sharing.


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