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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

special occasions on lockdown

so besides cocoa, the only other one who's celebrated a birthday while we're quarantined is the hub.  we'd had some really fun plans for a weekend getaway to celebrate, which we were all really bummed to have to cancel.  actually, we've had to give up a couple of other fun outings due to this lockdown - like our tickets to hamilton, which i'd really been excited to finally see, along with a show during the jonas brothers' month-long residency in vegas.  big bummer, but safety first...i guess.

anyway, the hub started his birthday off with enthusiastic greetings from me, the bean and both dogs:

and since he's been the unofficial designated shopper for the household, he got to get out of the house to run a few errands.  exciting stuff.  and since it was a special occasion, i actually did my hair and even put on something besides sweatpants.  heh.

later that evening, we celebrated with takeout dinner from the local country club.

the bean was excited to present him with an electronic birthday card that she created for him, which was really cute.  check it out:

easter was just as low-key, which i'm sure was the case for most of america.  the bean was busy most of the day working on her book report - a presentation she chose to animate in a similar manner to that birthday card she made for her daddy.  except that this one had to last for a minimum of three minutes, which was a lot more laborious than she'd expected.  she'd chosen a wrinkle in time, which she'd finished reading before quarantine began.  i've seen the work in progress and it's really well done - but painstakingly time consuming.  she's been working on it for a good three weeks, and i'll have to share it when she's done as long as she gives me permission to.

we managed to tear her away from drawing long enough to do a sad little easter egg hunt in the back yard...in the rain.

the hub grilled up some steaks and asparagus for dinner, and i got to enjoy a glass of delicious rosé with it.  gotta love wine in a red solo cup, yeah?

happy easter indeed.

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  1. That was a nice birthday and Easter. Can't wait to see the project. Love you all.


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