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Friday, April 17, 2020


i mean, do we even really care what week of quarantine we're on?  hell, i'm barely keeping track of what day it is and even that's only from hearing the bean log on to her distance learning classes.

today marks six weeks since my last hair appointment, which means my grays are seriously out of control.  i know i'm not alone in this, but still...this is painful:

i know i could just do my own roots, and my stylist has offered to mix up a batch of magic potion and leave it on the doorstep for me.  but i had her do highlights during my last visit and i just KNOW if i came anywhere near my head with dark brown hair dye i'd just absolutely ruin it and i don't wanna.  besides, who's gonna see me anyway?  betty at the laundromat on mondays?  whoever's assigned to bringing drive-up orders at target?  i'm already used to the bean and the hub calling me an old lady, so eh...it really doesn't matter.  for now.

my last manicure was about six weeks ago, just before we left for disney world.  it had grown out so much, and i'd ordered some sort of gel polish remover stuff online but the post office kept rerouting it so that it went from texas to san bernardino to city of industry and then back to texas to do it all over again.  i got tired of waiting for it to finally arrive, so i gathered up supplies from my long-neglected nail care cupboard and sat down to get to work.  here's the before...eek.

i'd watched the nail techs at the salons do this a bazillion times before, so i knew what the steps were. i soaked cotton in pure acetone, placed it on each fingertip and secured it with pieces of aluminum foil.

after letting it soak for awhile, i took off the foil and cotton and used a metal tool to scrape the polish off.  while this looks pretty ragged, i was pleased to see that it came off pretty easily.

one of my friends had recommended some nail repair treatment made by ella & mila, so i'd added it to my last target drive-up order.  after applying one coat and letting it dry, i used a little cuticle oil and here's the final results:

not too bad!  i have high hopes for my natural nails to bounce back after many, many months of gel manicures now.

and earlier this week, i finally sewed up something that isn't a mask!  i'd been eyeing this loungewear romper pattern for a few weeks and even had it all printed out, taped and cut out.  it turned out to be an incredibly easy sew, and i had it done in half an hour.  i couldn't stop cracking up when i tried it on - is this the outfit of someone who's just given up on life, or what??

i'm not gonna lie though.  it's super comfy and i'm definitely going to wear it...around the house.  out in public - well, i'm not so sure.  the old lady said it looked like it had giant clams printed all over it and the hub just said it looked like pajamas.  whatever.  i love it.

lastly, want a quick pictorial update on the house?  it's coming along pretty nicely!

living room:

dining room:

guest room:

and the new kitchen.

it looks different every day, and it's really starting to take shape.  we've got maybe another month before it's all done...maybe less.  cross your fingers.

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