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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

spam, only not the good kind

in case you might be wondering what i'm doing, i'm in the midst of having to go back and delete an assload of spambot bullshit comments on a bunch of different posts and it's really annoying.  UGH.  i have several pages of this crap to go through:

i bring this up just so you know why i've had to add comment moderation on the ol' blog...after almost 14 years of posting.  i've had these bots do this to me before, but it's only ever been a few at a time.  this asshole went through and did it close to TWO HUNDRED TIMES.  and the link captions say shit like "delhi escorts" and other gross stuff that i definitely won't ever click on.

oh, and i've been playing around with formats too, so that's why the look of the blog keeps changing.  i can't seem to find one that i like, but this one seems okay.  i'll probably keep this one.

anyway, that's all i got.  happy tuesday!

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