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Thursday, March 18, 2021

ah, picture day

for last year's school portraits, the bean had asked to add the retouching option because - well, tween skin.  i told her "oh, we don't need that!  i have photoshop and i can do it for you and probably better."  

OMG.  such a typical pennypinching mom thing to say, amirite?  total facepalm moment.  especially when it was pointed out to me later that photoshopping it myself, regardless of my mad skillz, wouldn't really help much for yearbook purposes.  GAH.  mom of the year award, yet again.

picture day is usually in october-ish, but with the weirdness of this school year somehow our school didn't get it together until much later.  i think we were almost done with the second trimester by the time we finally did ours.  of course, with covid, it was done by appointment only with specific time slots made available for each grade.  i have to say though that it was really well done and super efficient, with social distancing in place and masks on everyone until it was time to take the photo.  i dropped off the bean at the front door and by the time i made my way around the building to the back where the kids were exiting, she was already walking out.

did we add the retouching?  hell yeah we did!  but when the finished product arrived i couldn't help but cackle a little, because it seriously looks like they just took it into instagram and added a filter to it.  the bean is beautiful as always, and in this photo she's extra...uh, glowy.

i still think my photoshopping is better, but whatever.  

i'm also super curious as to what the 2020-2021 yearbook will look like.  the TK-6th graders went back to on-campus classes last week, but i'm pretty sure the deadline to submit the yearbook would've already come and gone by then.  is it going to be an itty-bitty little thing filled completely with the official portraits and 8th grade promotion dedications?  i can't imagine what else they could possibly have unless they asked families to submit photos from distance learning.  i didn't get that memo, if that's the case.

these are the things that fill my head these days, people.  wow.

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