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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

happy birthday, little cocoa

i totally screwed up and forgot to post this yesterday, but our sweet, feisty little cocoa just turned two years old!  she was all of nine weeks old when we brought her home:

she kind of tolerates our shenanigans, but to be perfectly honest she abhors wearing clothing of any kind.  poor little thing, she literally wilts before our very eyes whenever we try to dress her up.

she's truly the old lady of the house, though - grumpy and crochety and moody as all hell.  but she's also the sweetest little cuddler while being a fierce little guard dog who's the first to let us know when someone's at the door.  she loves attention and being petted and hugged and loved, and the house is so lively with her in it.

happy two years, miss cocoa!  we love you so much!

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