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Thursday, August 19, 2021

a toast to san diego

going back real quick to san diego because do you remember this machine?

the hub knew i was dying to make a purchase, and so after we checked out of the hotel we stopped in to buy a token so that i could buy a cute mini bottle of champagne.  it came in this little velvet drawstring bag.

i dropped the token in the slot and watched the mechanical arm select a bottle, carry it over to the side and carefully place it in the door for me to take out.

woohoo!  and also inside the little bag was this attachment that goes in the top so that you can sip the champagne straight from the bottle and still look dignified.  heh.

before we headed home, we made one last pitstop in old town san diego to have lunch.  yelp brought us here:

they had a giant collection of tequila, with some bottles dating back several decades.  tequila may not be MY friend anymore, but the hub was happy to sample some in a margarita.

it came in handy for washing down the chips, salsa and queso we ordered up.

confession:  tacos are not my most favorite thing in the world like they are for lots of other people.  that doesn't mean that i don't enjoy my share of them though, especially when they're stuffed with perfectly seasoned and grilled shrimp.

from there we just headed on home to meet up with the kids and reunite with our dogs.  it was a great way to end our san diego getaway, and in just a few days the bean would come home from texas and then our family would be complete once again. 

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