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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

almost like going to camp

the girls and i had the chance to head out for a girls' brunch together one weekend, and after perusing our options on yelp we settled on messhall kitchen out in the los feliz area.

the old lady ordered herself a glass of some sort of fresh pressed green juice.  she may or may not have been a little hungover.

it was very cute in there, with lots of memorabilia and props from summer camps (real or made up?  i don't know).

i opted for the los feliz benny, with poached eggs, spinach, wild mushrooms and bearnaise sauce served on cheesy toast.  it was so good, and the tater tots on the side were perfectly seasoned and crunchy.

the ever-predictable bean went with the fried chicken sandwich.  she said it was really tasty.

and as for the old lady, she opted for the morning rice.  this had spam, kimchi, peas and carrots and eggs.  again, i'm not sure if she was actually hung over or not, but this sounds like the perfect meal if that were the case.

looking at the rest of the menu, i think it's a spot the hub and the fiance would like too, so maybe we'll head out there again someday.  never hurts to have restaurant ideas in the back pocket, amirite?

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