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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

all clear.

today was the dreaded postpartum check-up. and i was pleasantly surprised to find that, even though i was required to undress completely and don a lovely hospital gown, i didn't have to endure an icky va-jay-jay check.

oops. i apologize to any male readers i may have. and anyone else who's creeped out by bajinga talk.

so anyway, i was sitting there waiting for the doc and found this insanely comical:

maybe it isn't that funny, but i kept reading it aloud to myself with a horrendous accent.

that is all.


  1. I imagine El Herpes wearing one of those Mexican wrestling masks and looking something like Jack Black in that godawful movie.

    And...there are people who aren't creeped out by bajinga talk? Who are these people?!

  2. El Herpes??? you're right. hilarious. also hilarious? the word bajinga. this is new to me, and i plan on using it.

  3. What does that say? It seems to be in a super secret language. ;)


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