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Monday, November 5, 2007

t-minus two days

till we leave for maui! so.excited.com.

the weekend was pretty fabulous. on friday, the kid finally got to go out with her friends after being grounded for the last few weeks - her grades were starting to slip, and mainly due to laziness and procrastination. hmmm, where did she get THAT from?

anyway, the grade we're worried most about is slowly coming back up, but what really got us to loosen the restriction was a fabulous note that came in thursday's mail from her english teacher. in it, she gushed about how she really enjoys having the kid in her class, how she always has a smile on her face (*thud* MY kid??), and what a great example she sets for the other kids in class. it was a truly awesome note that came totally out of the blue, and was quite beneficial for the kid's social life. ha!

and she was so on cloud nine after seeing all of her friends from her old school - they invited her to a dance at their school - that she was a perfect angel all weekend long. it was so lovely to have my sweet, non-attitude-y kid back. i'm hoping it'll continue.

we finally went back to church yesterday - we'd managed to miss a full MONTH of services due to oversleeping (and the CHOC walk). heh. it felt good to get back into the swing of things. although we'll be missing this sunday's service because WE'LL BE IN MAAAUUUUIIII. ;)

and afterwards, the hub got his hairs cut and then decided it'd be fun to go to farmer's market and the grove for lunch and some shopping. y'all know i don't need to be asked twice. nor does the kid. as per usual, i headed straight for magee's kitchen for the corned beef & cabbage. i LOVE me some corned beef. and amazingly, the kid decided to give it a try and found that she loves it as much as i do! mmm, it was so tasty.

then the hub looked at me, gave me the once-over, and said "hmmm. wanna go shopping for some new clothes?" this is hub-speak for "i'm not a big fan of what you're wearing, so let's find you something nice to wear." i'm never sure whether to be insulted or excited. usually, i decide on "a little of both" as i head towards the closest nordstrom. butthead.

twhatever. i managed to pick up a plethora of new tops and scored big-time on a new pair of paige premium jeans - somehow, they were marked down from $195 to $49.95! i was so stoked that they were my size. and then i decided that because i'd saved so much on my new jeans, i could pick up a pair of shoes, too. hee hee!

the kid got stuff, too. she picked up two new pairs of skinny jeans, plus a couple of hoodies and a top she'd been eyeing for a while. and, of course, the bean got a few things at baby gap - including the most adorable leopard-print dress very similar to this one:
i also managed to scoop up a bathing suit for hawaii and a cute pink onesie that says "high maintenance" for her. bwahahahahaha!

btw, don't feel sorry for the hub. he did his own clothes shopping last week. everybody's closet is happy, trust me.

i'm off to start packing. woo-hoo!


  1. so jealous.com of your upcoming vacation!!!! i hope you enjoy the crap out of it. . . you deserve it. only seven more months til i hit the shores of maui. . .

  2. So jealous about Maui. You're gonna have so much fun :)

  3. Dude, there's a big, heaping pile of jealousE coming your way from me!!!

  4. jealousE of maui, the jeans, and the corned beef. yum.

  5. duuude, you should have called. i'm always down to join a shopping spree ;)

  6. What a great weekend! And what a great family - generous hubby and happy preteen! :)

  7. don't you just love to know when others think your kid is as wonderful as you are (even if it's only a few times during the [school] year?)
    Great score with the jeans, I'm so jealous.

  8. OMG, too funny on the high maintenance! How fun, Maui's going to be SO awesome for you all :)

  9. Hope you're having fun in Maui! Can't wait to read your recap! You're so fortunate to have a hubby that wants to take your shopping :) So fun!


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