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Thursday, November 15, 2007

no longer a louis virgin.

day four (saturday):

okay, we managed to sleep in until....[drumroll]

9:30! woohoo!

so we got up, got ready, and headed out to grab some breakfast. after a bit of debate about the best way to get to the shops at wailea (you'd think the boy would take my word for it, after having walked over several times, but nooooooo), we ended up going "his" way.

which was via a dirt road that wound around the back end of the resort.


and you know what that means - we arrived at longhi's (yes, again) two sweaty ass monkeys. ugh. it took gulping down two glasses of water for me to cool down and relax. i talked him into ordering the fabulous french toast i'd had the day before, and i went with ordinary, basic bacon and eggs. he proclaimed the french toast delicious, but too rich - and gave up after one piece. wuss! i hoovered up my meal and proceeded to enjoy damn near the rest of his. ha! um, all that walking made me extra hungry? the tropical air really revs up my appetite? eh, whatever. he watched me eat with an amused look on his face, paid the bill, and then we headed out.

we shopped for a few souvenirs for the kid and his assistant at the office and checked out a few more stores. i spied the louis vuitton shop, which i'd not yet visited, and decided to see what they had going on in there. i told the hub "i would love to rock one of those obnoxious logo bags, ha!" i was joking, i SWEAR.

and what does he say?

"you should get one."

[blink, blink] "really??" i didn't own a single piece of LV - i have kate spade, coach, juicy couture...but had yet to pop my vuitton cherry.

so off i went to inspect the merchandise. i found myself heavily debating between these two:

that's a "speedy" bag in their new monogram mini lin print, and a "neverfull" tote. here's the ridiculous part: i couldn't decide which one to get because i wanted my selection to be practical (the tote), yet i loved the pretty pinkness of the speedy.

rrrrriiiiiiight. i wanted a PRACTICAL louis vuitton bag. that makes tons of sense. good lord.

after watching me go back and forth for a solid ten minutes, the hub sighed and said "just get 'em both, would ya? let's get outta here."

the saleslady who was helping me perked up instantly. "oh, could i call my husband and have him come and listen to you? please?" heh. and then, the kicker: "you know, the prices here in hawaii are lower than those on the mainland. plus, our sales tax is half as much as yours in california."

so, yeah, um...i walked out of there with a nice big brown LV shopping bag with precious cargo inside - BOTH bags. hee hee!!

it was time to go and change for the beach. mind you, this is DAY FOUR and neither of us had even stuck a toe in the sand yet!

but i guess sleeping in till past 9 wasn't enough, because as soon as we set foot in the room, he flopped onto the bed and promptly fell asleep. i got the bean ready, took a few pictures, and waited for him to wake up.

and waited. and waited.

finally, i poked his ass a few times - we were in hawaii! i didn't want to hang around the room too much. we could sleep on the plane going home, dammit!

so we walked down to the beach, watched the waves roll in, and put the bean's toes in the water - just to say we did :)

our last dinner of the trip was at ferraro's - located in the four seasons resort next door. we immediately recognized it as the site of our food tasting, way back when we were planning our wedding and still considering doing a small reception there. the food was absolutely fabulous, but we decided to forego it in favor of a nice steak dinner at ruth's chris. besides, that way we wouldn't have to have flowers, music, etc.

i finally broke free of my usual fish entree and went for the meat. a fat, juicy filet with bleu cheese melted on top, plus steamed asparagus and mashed potatoes. oh, yum. and i was able to eat the whole thing, because we didn't have any appetizers - that client who loved to order one of everything was on his way to the airport to catch the red-eye home. boo. that dude and his wife were hil-fucking-larious. they were seriously a party in a box! oh, well.

after a few wistful glances around the grounds, the hub and i decided to get up early the next morning, pack, check out, and walk back to the four seasons to take a trip down memory lane. it was the first time we'd been back since our wedding, and with our anniversary only a month away, we wanted to be a little sappy and take some pictures at our ceremony site.

and when we got back to our room, it wasn't long before he flopped back down on the bed and fell asleep, with the bean in his arms - both snoring soundly. i watched them for a few minutes, cracking up at their harmonizing, and decided to start packing. i got most of it done and then plopped into bed and watched tv till i finally fell asleep.


  1. 1. i'm jealous as hell over your not one, but TWO LV bags!

    2. the bean looks sooo tiny next to your hubs. that might be the cutest picture of her yet. :)

  2. TWO BAGS?!?!?!? Boooo, you LV whore! ;)

    Also, Bean has hair like I did when I was a Little Nannersp. It stood straight up!

  3. How lovely!!! I love the fact that the beans disguise color coordinates with her little outfits!

  4. I can't believe you got an LV effin' shopping bag.

  5. wow. you know, you could feed, like, 4 countries with those bags.


  6. If I wasn't jealous of you before, I am completely and totally green now!! And the bean's bathing suit matches one of your new bags..hehehe...

  7. um , seriously? maybe you should donate one of your bags to a starving writer in minnesota.

  8. So many things that I love in this post. Two bags?!?! And you were in Hawaii? Eating great food and sleeping in?!? Seriously, you live the life I want.


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