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Friday, November 30, 2007

rain. yay!/boo.

no, i'm not starting up another yay!/boo. post.  i'll save that for another day.

the bean and i came down to my mom's house at the beach for an overnight visit, and of course it had to rain when we're not snug and comfy at our own house.  noooooo, the rain gods decided to grant us with some precipitation when i have to drive home in it.  bleh.  i love rain, but not when i'm 45 miles from home. ya dig?

the hub called me from smith & wollensky's in vegas last night and was quite excited to report that he'd been cleaning up at the poker table.  yay!  too bad he did most of his chip-scooping from the client he was out there meeting, who promptly got up and stomped over to a nearby blackjack table.  oops.  

it was nice hanging out with my mom and stepdad last night.  we sat at the table, eating pizza and catching up on family news (well, at least for me - i've missed the last several family gatherings and was WAY behind on the gossip).  we've got a pregnancy and an engagement in the family and i'm quite excited to hear about both.  yay!

the bean seems to thrive when she's near a beach.  she did so well during the maui trip, and then last night she slept like a damn log - i had to wake HER up to eat.  i wouldn't have bothered, except for the fact that the boobies were going to friggin' explode.  heh.

and i got my hairs cut last night.  nope, i don't have any pictures, and that's mainly because i'm not 100% sure if i like it yet.  i hate the way she styled it, but the cut seems cool, so i want to get home and play with it, with all my own products and tools and crap.  cross your fingers, because otherwise i'll be back to rant and rave and bitch and moan.  

and nobody wants that.


  1. i never minded wan-tastic bitchin' and moanin'.

  2. I'm sure your hair looks mahhhhvelous, dahling.

  3. How can you NOT show us pictures??

  4. i'm glad the rain didn't bother the bean. always a good thing :)


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