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Friday, November 30, 2007

my kid, the stylist

okay, the kid worked some flatiron magic and now i like the new cut a little more.  i guess i just need to get used to it.  *sigh*  i hope i don't wake up tomorrow all pissed off at what i've done.  although it doesn't matter - can't put it back!  at least the shit grows back.  fast (but not fast enough, sometimes).

and, she said "mom, you would look way better with less makeup.  like, just eyeliner and mascara."  so because she IS my stylist (and it cuts my getting-ready time down a bit. apparently, as much as it'll take to flatiron.  oy.), i'm listening to her.  ooh, i need some lipstick now.

and, here's a picture of the bean that i love a lot.  

bye!  happy weekend to all!


  1. Is Bean smirking at me?? I think she is!

    I don't know why you hate, or think you might hate, the 'do. Can't really see the bottom well, but I think it looks cute. :)

  2. look at those cheeks! on the bean, not you. ;)

  3. i like both 'dos...yours and the bean's.

    but then again maybe that's because i'm so obsessed with short styles these days. anyway, it gets the tater stamp of approval.

  4. I think the 'do looks fab on you!!!

    And cute lil' Bean!

  5. I like the cut. It's edgy and cool.

    I also agree with The Kid. You are blessed with great skin. No need to cover it up with anything!

  6. i still think you look adorable but i know how it feels when the hair is just not right. plus, tater's right. short is HOT right now. also. the bean. breaks my little heart. so freakin cute.

  7. i think the cut is cute. :)

    awww, the bean is smiling! LOVE IT!

  8. I think your haircut is cute too :) The baen's hair is so funky that it's cute as well!

  9. You look great! And the bean's little hairdo! Awesomeness! So freakin cute :)


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