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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

domestic diva

armed with my fabulous moby wrap, i was able to spend a good chunk of yesterday being productive for once. i slid the bean right into that thing and we got through an entire hamper of laundry and i even got to eat lunch! i had to put a napkin on her head, just in case. that's kinda wrong, i know, but i was hungry.

i was flipping through my current issue of real simple magazine and came across an ad for a recipe site featuring cookie recipes (for the upcoming holiday baking season, y'know). this lovely photo caught my eye:

mmmmm. i scurried right over to the iMac and plugged in www.myrecipes.com to find the recipe for these lovely peppermint bonbon cookies. and i not only ended up saving it, but about 35 other recipes for stuff ranging from appetizers to dinner entrees. i picked a couple, made a shopping list, and we jumped in the car and headed to vons.

when the hub got home, he was pleasantly surprised to find that i had dinner all planned out. this has been a rare occurrence lately, but i vowed to make it more of a regular thing. we do a LOT of eating out, which is lovely, but expensive. and it gets tricky with the bean - timing is everything, y'all.

i served up a fabulous dinner of pan-seared steak with mushroom wine sauce, steamed asparagus, and au gratin potatoes. he was sufficiently impressed and i got all warm and fuzzy with his effusive, complimentary manner. and of course you know i'd have loved to take a picture of that pretty plate, but i couldn't. i wasn't in the mood for the stink eye. so here's the official photo from the recipe site:

of course, mine didn't look exactly like this, but who cares - it was scrumptious.

oooh! and i solved my problem of a gift for our upcoming anniversary. it's something really small, so i'm going to supplement it with something cool (which sucks, considering i'm running out of cool gift ideas for christmas for him). anyway, the traditional 2nd anniversary gift is cotton, so i ordered a pair of boxer shorts with "property of wan-nabe" (of course, it's my real name, but duh) printed on the leg. i'd rather have had it printed across the ass, but i couldn't find that option without having to order, like, 1,000 of these things. heh.


  1. i made peppermint chocolate cookies from martha last year that look similar to those --- they were fabulous!

    dinner sounds delish and i'm cracking up over the boxers ;)

  2. The image of the bean with a napkin on her head is priceless

  3. Mmmm...those cookies look heavenly!

  4. At least you covered her with a napkin. ;) The picture of the food looks yummy so I'm just going to pretend that yours looked like that too. :)

  5. I'm laughing so hard at the image of the bean with a napkin on her head :)

    Next time, please let me know what time I should come over for dinner. Thanks.

  6. bean with napkin on head. tee hee!

    that dinner sounds delish.

  7. um, yeah... can I please get the site that gives off the list of gifts? seriously... i think i'm out of ideas.


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